Which To Choose: Personal Training or Boot Camps?

Every person’s physical makeup is unique. You could give two people the same training program, but only one of them might enjoy it and experience results.

When it comes to fitness, most people choose to either work with a personal trainer or join a group workout program. Yet so many don’t reach their desired goals because they aren’t in an optimal setting that fit their particular needs.

So how do you know which path is right for you?

Fear not, because we’re going to outline the benefits of both personal training and boot camp programs.

When Is Personal Training Best?


You Experience “Gymtimidation”

We all know that feeling when we walk into a gym and instantly feel weak compared to the muscular freak pumping iron at the nearest machine. Maybe you’re scared someone will judge your exercise form or endurance level.

This is where a trainer comes in handy.

The comfort of one-on-one attention might be the key to unlocking your fitness potential, free from any self-conscious barriers standing in your way.


You Don’t Know Exactly What You’re Doing 

Look, we all started at this point.

You scan your local gym, hoping nobody notices you spying on the various workouts happening simultaneously. You try to imitate the ones that seem most appropriate for your goals, but oftentimes that leads to terrible form.

You might even over-train or under-train because you don’t know what a real workout feels like.

Personal trainers are a great remedy for this lack of knowledge. They are equipped with specific programs tailored towards reaching your fitness goals. They also can correct your form and set standard time limits for each training session.


You Require Personalized Regiments Or Are Injured

Most classes feature specific programs that cater to a wide audience of attendees. While this method targets a wide array of body types, it isn’t ideal for those who need special attention.

Say you tear your knee playing a friendly game of hockey. Four months later, you try jumping into a big gym or a group class, only to realize that the workouts are too intense for your rehabbing self.

At this point, you need an alternative that ensures your personal safety.

With personal training, you can design exercise limits with a trainer that don’t restrain you from making physical progress.

And because trainers usually handle fewer clients, they understand the importance of personalizing the experience for your maximum safety and enjoyment.

(Note: some boot camps, like Fit Body Boot Camp, can offer modified workouts for certain injuries. If you’re injured, and a boot camp is more appropriate for you, speak with the manager and see what they can do to help with your injury.)


Your Schedule Is Anything But Stable

Imagine a CEO of a multi-million dollar business or a best-selling author on tour promoting his or her new novel. Chances are, these people are constantly on the go with little time to breathe.

By working with a personal trainer, you can select dates and times that squeeze into your hectic day.

Remember that building healthy habits is important to attaining long-term success. By consistently working out, your chances of falling back into an unhealthy lifestyle decrease with every successive workout you perform.


You Have Money To Spend 

The personal training market heavily accommodates people with deep pockets.

Think about it: customizing every aspect of your training comes at a heavy cost. For personal trainers to devote that level of attention one-on-one to each client and still keep the lights on, they need to charge some seriously high prices.

If you absolutely crave the intimacy of one-on-one training and have the money to spend, knock yourself out.

If you’re simply looking for someone to hold your hand towards slimming down or adding that extra back muscle you always wanted, a boot camp might be the perfect fit for you.


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When Are Boot Camps Best?


You’re Inspired by Training With Others 

Right as your coach announces the end of the final set of the day, you catch a glimpse of your friend who also completed the workout by your side. The two of you embrace as you celebrate finishing another day of hard work together.

Boot camp classes connect like-minded individuals bonded by a common desire to reach their goals.

Fit Body Boot Camp prides itself on fostering a positive community centered on fitness.

FBBC coaches personally introduce newcomers to their groups, modify exercises for those with injuries, and set a diligent pace for workouts without ever pushing students further than they need to be.


Two young women who have trained their bodies


You’re Always Looking for Something New In Your Workouts 

What if one week all you did to workout was run on the treadmill?

A few people might actually enjoy the consistency of that regimen. But the vast majority of people would want something fresh, something to challenge their bodies in new and diverse ways.

One advantage of boot camps is that they reinvent their workouts constantly to appeal to a large audience of gym-goers.

With Fit Body Boot Camp, you’ll find it difficult to get tired of any routine. Fit Body locations feature four types of workouts, each designed to tone different parts of your body and maximize your fat loss.


You Want Accountability from Others 

As much as we want to believe we have the will power to get ourselves to the gym each week alone, the reality is that everyone occasionally loses their battle with laziness.

But when your fellow members – who are already pumped to workout – are bombarding your phone with encouraging messages, you’ll most likely feel compelled to throw off those bed sheets and get out the door.

Fit Body Boot Camp offers built-in accountability for its members. Each location has its own Facebook page where members can hang out and empower one another to keep coming out to sessions.

Plus, our trainers offer nothing but unconditional support. They don’t judge. They don’t force you to live up to the standard of another person. They simply want to see you get results.


You Need Some Nutritional Accountability as Well

With wide selections of unhealthy food options at our every turn, it has become more difficult to eat right. We often divulge in fast food because we think we lack the time to cook proper meals.

Boot camps bring together people who aim to lead healthier lifestyles. By surrounding yourself with those who value nutritional eating, you’ll be less likely to succumb to those alluring food temptations.

Fit Body Boot Camp locations also feature coaches whose goal is to ensure you’re eating healthy. Fit Body coaches regularly check in with each student to see whether they’ve fueled themselves with good food before coming in.

Some locations even offer fitness assessments, where your trainer will test you monthly and will record your progress and offer further lifestyle tips.


You Want An Affordable Path To Fitness

While personal trainers offer specialized attention, they’re rarely cheap. Rates for personal training services can skyrocket to as high as a few thousand dollars per month.

You can think of boot camp pricing as every student splitting the bill for a highly valued trainer. Meaning the price will be much cheaper per person.

Of course, Fit Body Boot Camp provides a high-quality experience for low cost. On average, prices at a FBBC location can be as low as 1/10 the price of a 1-on-1 personal trainer.

Think boot camp sounds right for you? Click here to find your nearest FBBC location. If you visit the site now, you can get 3 FREE workouts that you can use instantly!


Hopefully you will be able to nail down which is option right for you after reading this post! Happy training!

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