Owner Spotlight: Freddie Jenkins Gives Back This Holiday Season

Now that we’re in the holiday season, it’s time for us all to give back to our communities and receive the joys of holiday cheer and goodwill towards humanity.

Here at Fit Body Boot Camp, we like to do things in a big way, which is why we turned to some of our franchise owners out in Texas for an example of big holiday charity.

Because if there’s one thing we know about Texans, it’s that they like to do things BIG.

Big hats, big cars, big parties…and when they give back, they give back in a BIG way!

So when Freddie Jenkins, owner of Fit Body Boot Camp locations in ThanksgivingSo let’s look at what he’s doing!

Turkeys and Toys

For the past three years, Freddie has partnered with Metro Ministries in Fort Worth Texas to run two holiday themed donation drives. Together, they reach out to their communities to gather Christmas toys and Thanksgiving turkeys for families in need.

Freddie is proud of the fact that Metro Ministries is “not a big time nonprofit.” They are local ministry working tirelessly to better the lives of inner city kids and families.

The owners of Metro Ministries, Buddy and Ruth Calzada, live and work right in Fort Worth and do everything they can to keep themselves and their two children involved with bettering their community. When he’s not doing ministry work, Buddy works as a police officer.

Last year, Freddie Jenkins and Metro Ministries collected about 50 turkeys and 100 toys. This year, they are doubling that goal – 100 turkeys and 200 toys! 

Wow, that’s huge! If that’s all that Freddie was doing for charity this holiday season, that would be impressive!

But it turns out he’s doing even more…

A Personal Twist

For Freddie, helping out families in need is more than just a random act of kindness – it’s part of a personal mission.

And that mission comes from his own life experience.

See, Freddie grew up in a foster home…and was later moved to the foster care system.

He knows firsthand how difficult life can be when you don’t have the support system that others have…he has a wonderful life these days, but it took him many years of struggle to reach this point.

His whole life he’s wanted to help out kids in similar situations. He’s wanted to take the fruits of his own success and gift basket against blue backgroundBut, she explained, her program doesn’t have the funding this year to give out these baskets, meaning that about 40 of these families might go without dinner on Thanksgiving…

So she asked Freddie if he could reach out to his own people for help.

Of course, Freddie said yes and sent an email out to all his clients asking them to donate Thanksgiving dinner baskets.

Now this is the amazing part…

In a mere THREE DAYS his clients donated 45 Thanksgiving dinner baskets!

And there are still more donations coming in!

It just goes to show the power of community – especially when a community includes great people like Freddie Jenkins!

A Culture of Giving

There’s a few different reasons why we like to feature people like Freddie Jenkins here on the blog.

First off, we want to give credit where credit is due – Freddie’s doing great work for his community and he deserves all the attention he can get.

Second, we want to show you that we’re more than just a fitness company. Fitness will always be our number one goal, but we’re also community leaders, family people, and friends.

Third, we want to inspire others to pay it forward the same way our owners do.

Speaking of which…

We have a mission to spread fitness and healthy living all across the globe, which means we are always happy to accept new franchisees.

In fact, we’re currently opening one new location every 24 hours – and we want to open them even faster.

To do that, we need people who understand our culture. We need people who enjoy giving back to their communities and adding value to people’s lives. We need people who are ready to earn themselves freedom and happiness by providing outstanding fitness results to others.

In other words, we need you.

Did Freddie Jenkins’s story warm your heart? Did you find yourself daydreaming and thinking “Wow, I’d like to do something like that one day”

You can!

We’re not just talking to fitness professionals here. We accept new owners who come from all walks of life. In fact, some of our most successful owners first came to Fit Body Boot Camp as clients – clients who were out of shape and had zero fitness experience.

A lot of their success came from the fact that Fit Body Boot Camp really is a business in a box. We give you everything you need to succeed: nutrition guides, workout plans, business coaching calls, a complete step-by-step blueprint for opening your first location, and more.

But, of course, there is one thing that we can’t do for you…something that you yourself have to bring to the table…

Your passion!

But if you enjoyed Freddie’s story, and you pictured yourself doing something big and charitable like he did, then you already have the passion.

If you’re ready to add massive value to other people’s lives and earn massive value in return, you have the passion. If you’re ready to start earning the freedom and happiness you deserve, you have the passion, and you should take action on it right now by going to our franchise site and filling out an Expression of Interest form.

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