Motivation Monday: Dig Deep!


“One last set!”

You’re almost at the end of a long, rewarding workout. You need your body to give you 10 more reps—just 10 more and it can rest.

This is when people say their mind feels like goo and their legs feel like cinderblocks. But these are also the best moments to dig deep and sharpen your mindset!

All you need is the right motivation.

Here’s how you can finish your workouts stronger than you start them.


Focus and Visualize

When you’re hitting the homestretch, you know it’s time to focus.

Visualize your “why.” I’m not just talking about some abstract concept; take the time to picture your why as clearly as you can.

If you want six-pack abs, picture those six-pack abs. If you want to be fit for your kids, picture yourself chasing them around in the backyard.

That’s when you turn raw motivation into the fire that stirs inside your belly, that pushes you forward.


Breathe!Fitbody Bootcamp

You can also make a few physical adjustments to end your workouts strong.

At this point, it’s really easy to breathe in short, choppy breaths, which are no good for proper air circulation.

Focus on your breathing. Breathe slower, deeper breaths from the belly rather than from the chest. This helps calm your body down when it begins to expend more energy.


Bonus Tip

Avoid paying attention to the clock. Instead of waiting for the end to come, attack it and build your endurance!


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