How to Structure Your Workout Plan

Working out is like lighting a candle…

At first, you have this burning desire to lose weight. You start to think, “Man, I CAN do this!”

Then reality sets in…

It’s not that you can’t do it. Rather, it’s all the stuff you have to do before you work out. When should you work out? What workouts should you do? Where should you work out at?

Just like a candle, the fire begins to fade…

I’ve got news for ya: you’re not losing that fire to lose weight. In this blog, I’m determined to show you that setting up your workout plan isn’t as hard as you think.


Step 1: Schedule Your Weekly Workouts

First, fill up a calendar with all of your future events and weekly/monthly commitments. Writing it all down helps you stay organized. Now all that’s left is to insert your weekly workouts.

At first, try to look for open slots in your schedule. If you prefer to work out during a specific time of the day, see if you can move—or even erase—your plans to make room for exercise.


Step 2: Pick Your Workouts Based on Your Goals

Write down your biggest fitness-related goal. Once you do that, you can more easily choose a workout plan to get to that goal.

Consult a fitness expert before you decide on any one plan! They might recommend exercises that you never would have thought of yourself.


Step 3: Find Somewhere to Work Out

This is the last piece of the puzzle. All you have to do now is find the right place to get in your weekly workouts!

Do your research first. For instance, if your plan is heavy on bodyweight training, find a gym that offers bodyweight training during your open time slots! Start off with a simple Google or Yelp search, and ask friends that already train the way you want to train.

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