So You’ve Lost Your Motivation…

The beginning of Boot Camp is always the easiest.

When you get started you’re full of motivation. Everything is new. Everything is still exciting. You’re ready to never eat a cheeseburger again, you’ve vowed to do 300 push-ups every day, and you think you’ll be coming to Boot Camp 12 times a week for the rest of your life.

Post 41Then, about 7 days later, reality begins to set in. You were right about not eating any more cheeseburgers, but that’s just because your arms are so sore you can’t even pick one up. And you definitely spend a lot of time at Boot Camp, but that’s just because you can’t hardly move after your workouts. And as for your push-ups? Well, you’ve been stuck on 193… since last Saturday.

BUT, you’re still pumped. You still get excited each time you feel those sore muscles, each time you close your eyes and picture those toned thighs and flat tummy. The results aren’t all here yet, but you are in for the long-haul.

But three weeks in? Forget it. You haven’t been to Boot Camp in three days, you’ve had a fried-chicken-burrito burger for your last four meals, and whenever some even mentions the word “workout,” you die a little inside.

The magic is gone. The mystery is over and you’ve just realized that if you want to tone up your butt you’re literally going to have to work your butt off.

Welcome, my friends, to reality. Weight-loss and body transformation takes willpower, determination, and continued motivation.

In other words… IT’S HARD!

Well, that’s what we’re here for. That’s why you come to Fit Body Boot Camp, that’s why you’ve put your journey in our knowledgeable hands, and that’s why we made this post for you: to keep you motivated and get you past the hardest part of weight-loss.

So how do you do it? Here’re three ways you can stay motivated, stay on track, and get those results.

#1 – Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Ah, the classic idiom. It’s how your son’s little league team won their championship and it’s also how you’re going to stay on track with your weight-loss.

Now, I’m not patronizing you. I know you haven’t forgotten why you signed up for boot camp. But the idea here is to get back to the mindset you had in the beginning. That feeling of excitement and determination that gave you the motivation to sign up for boot camp in the first place.

Post 37Remember when you first started looking at those transformation photos, when you heard about Karrie’s Story and you were introduced to your boot camp’s best clients, what thought kept coming to your mind? For a lot of people it’s the sudden realization that they can actually do it. It’s the revelation that results could actually be theirs, a new body could be theirs– a new life is theirs for the taking. Did you ever feel that way?

You did? Then go back! Remember how that felt because all those hopes and dreams aren’t just a possibility any more; you are closer to achieving those goals than you have ever been. You’ve already gotten started, you’ve made your commitment, you’ve taken the first steps. Even if you’ve fallen off the wagon it isn’t too late.

So get back up, get back on, and do what needs to be done so you can be the person you want to be— the person you deserve to be.

#2 – Remember Why You Started

There must have been a moment in your life when you finally said to yourself, “Enough already, it’s time to change.” Maybe a traumatic life experience made you realize how important it is to be healthy. Maybe you had your feelings crushed and that finally made you realize that you wanted to be someone different. Maybe you just looked in the mirror one day and said to yourself, “That’s it. I’ve let it go too far and it’s time to do something about this.”

Whatever your situation was, think about those feelings and thoughts that first forced you to make a change. I know it can be painful, I know there are certain things you just want to forget, but you have to keep those thoughts fresh in your mind.

You have to keep those wounds open and never let them heal. At least not before you’ve achieved your weight-loss goals.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we don’t want you to have any negative feelings or damaging thoughts about yourself. You’re a boot camper and that makes you one of the best kinds of people on this planet as far as we’re concerned. But those painful emotions that made you get started, those are the same emotions that will keep you going.

The next time you feel about ready to quit because the pain is just too much, think about who you were when you started and remember how painful that was. That emotional pain is far worse than anything you’ll feel in boot camp.

Besides, boot camp is your best shot at getting over that pain for the rest of your life.

#3 – Use All of Your ResourcesPost 38

We have everything you need to get your body and your life where it needs to be. We are a complete system, with all the technical, scientific, and emotional support YOU need.

We offer a total accountability package. That means, that when you start to feel like you aren’t going to make it to boot camp this week, you give us a call. It means that, when you’re struggling to eat the right kinds of foods and you need help with your grocery shopping, you give us a call. And, yes, it even means that when you’re about to rage quit and give up on your dreams of a healthy body, you give us a call.

We are the trainers, we are the teachers, and we are the counselors who will keep you accountable, keep you motivated, and keep you on track to achieving what you’ve always thought was impossible.

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