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Wonder why you’re not losing weight? Think you’re doing all you can to shed those extra pounds but not seeing the results you want? If you’ve been trying to exercise and watch what you eat and are wondering why the scale isn’t budging, there’s likely a missing link you’re overlooking. Maybe it’s a diet tip you’ve never considered before. Perhaps you’ve been trying too hard and need to reevaluate your strategy.

Read on to find out what the Chino Hills boot camp has to say. You may discover a dieting tip that could resolve your weight loss problem and help your scale tip in the right direction.

Portion Control


It’s an easy mistake to underestimate the number of calories on your plate. Dieters often think they’re eating fewer calories than they really are. Do your research or download a helpful portion control app to help you determine exactly how many calories you’re consuming.

Use smaller plates to make it look like you’re eating more than you really are. When you see a plate full of food, your mind will tell you it’s enough. This simple trick could save you as many as 500 calories a day.
Look for special plates made for portion control. They have markings that designate areas for your protein, vegetables, and carbs so you won’t overdo it on one food group. (Then don’t eat your kids’ leftovers!)

Social Eating

It’s a proven fact: you eat more when you’re socializing with friends. Think about it. What do you do when you’re on a girl’s night out, at a guy’s game night, or a family gathering? Eat and drink. And you do lots of both. Often it’s mindless eating while you’re sitting around visiting. The food is in front of you, so why not eat it? Because of this, it’s easy to overdo it on the calories at these events.

Rather than planning social events around food, plan a gathering that doesn’t involve food and drinks. Go on a hike, go to a concert, or relax at a park. Meet up after mealtime so you can eat a sensible meal beforehand.

Eat at Home


No this doesn’t mean stopping at the drive thru on the way home or ordering take out. By cooking your own meals, you have the potential to drastically cut your calorie intake.

Restaurant food is often prepared with unhealthy amounts of fat, sodium, and preservatives. Monitor what you put in your mouth by cooking your own meals.

Think you don’t have time to make your food? Make Sunday evening family time in the kitchen. Assign each family member a job. Cook up several meals that can provide enough food for the week. Make enough so you’ll have leftovers for lunches or a second dinner. Refrigerate what you’ll eat in the next day or two and freeze the rest.

Can’t cook ahead of time? Research quick, healthy recipes online or ask friends for simple, fast meal ideas you can whip up in a jiffy. Keep the ingredients stocked in your kitchen so you won’t be tempted to grab a pizza or stop for a burger.

Eat a Scoop of Ice Cream

What? Isn’t dieting about abstaining from all things good and yummy? A strict diet that prohibits the consumption of what you crave most is doomed to fail. You can’t go all or nothing. Give yourself permission to indulge in a small treat every once in a while. The boot camp in Chino Hills says by doing this, you’ll be less likely to secretly give in and overdo it, ruining your dieting intentions.

Just remember to keep your self-control. Limit yourself to one scoop of ice cream rather than the whole carton. Have two bites of cake rather than the whole slice. Savor each bite then distract yourself with another activity to get your mind off the remaining treat.

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