A Message from Huntington Boot Camp: Exercise Modification to Avoid Injuries

I am grateful for my masters degree in Physical Therapy and my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification. Both were a lot of work, time, dedication and money but so worth it. Why? Because I am confident that I can help anyone design a safe and effective exercise program. As a trainer at Huntington Boot Camp, I have learned that most people have some type of pain or injury or have had pain or an injury in their past. And most of these people think that they can not exercise at all or are afraid to exercise. My answer to this is “unless the doctor has told you to not do any form of exercise at all, you can exercise safely and still get amazing results of increased strength, decreased body fat, increased flexibility, etc.” And not exercising at all can increase your risk of more injuries and illness.

How do you exercise safely? Other than learning with a trainer at Huntington Boot Camp, you do it by learning to MODIFY your exercise program around your injuries. There are many different ways to do most exercises. And if none of the modifications are working then you can replace it with a completely different exercise that does work for you. Here is an example: a jumping jack. You can do a full jumping jack by jumping and bringing your legs apart and together and lifting your arms all the way up over your head and back down. Or you can keep it low impact without jumping and alternating moving the right leg out then the left leg out. Or you can lift your arms to shoulder height only. Or you can keep your arms at your side. Or you can do any combination of all of these.

So if you are concerned about working out and exacerbating an injury, the best thing to do is to talk with your doctor. Your doctor can reassure you that you can exercise safely with the correct modifications. Certified personal trainers can help you do the exercises that are right for you. And remember that modifying an exercise doesnt mean making it easy. If modifications are done correctly it will be intense hard work that will get you to the physical goals you have set out to achieve.

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