How You Can Enjoy Your Holidays and Still Stay Motivated

Oh no. They’re here. The dread of every person trying to stay on track with a strict fitness goal:

The holidays.

This should be a time of fun and cheer, when you can get together with friends and family and give back to the community around you. Instead you’re left wondering if you’ll even be able to enjoy this time, because how are you supposed to be cheery when there are temptations literally everywhere?

No matter how you celebrate, this can be an extremely stressful time for people who are trying to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle. It can become overwhelming to the point that it takes away from what should be a time of togetherness and fun.

So what do we do about it?

Below we are going to tell you exactly how you can enjoy your holidays without losing your motivation.

Embrace the Time

The first step to enjoying the holidays is to embrace them. Don’t try to run away from them, that just adds unnecessary stress to your life, and stress is not going to help you with your lifestyle goals.

That’s the thing you need to remember, this is a lifestyle, not a fad diet you have to follow for a month. We’ve talked about guilty pleasures and how they don’t exist before, and that applies to this, too. As long as you stay focused on your daily goals you don’t have to feel guilty about joining in on the festivities and having a good time.

Another thing to embrace is the community around you. The holidays are the time to give back and bringBy helping others we help ourselves some cheer into the life of those around you. Bringing others joy will bring you joy as well.

You can always check out our Wall of Giving for examples of great organizations to work with, and our owners are always giving back to the community around them.

And don’t forget that Fit Body Boot Camp is here to cheer you on. There’s a reason we follow the group workout model instead of a one-on-one training method: it’s because being around people that have the same goals that you do is a huge help. We’re here to see you through, so don’t be afraid to reach out to our trainers.

Stay On Track With Your Goals

Okay, this one may seem obvious, but staying on track with your day-to-day goals will be a huge weight off your shoulders in the long run here. Making a list or setting yourself a reminder is a great way to stay on track and focus on what it is you’re working for.

Remember, the Fit Body Boot Camp program allows for one “cheat” day a week, a day where you don’t need to feel guilty for treating yourself to some holiday goodies.

It’s good to allow yourself some of these indulgences; they make you happy for a reason, after all. However, that doesn’t mean you should overindulge yourself. You should be enjoying the holidays, but don’t sacrifice your goals along the way. The point is to stay motivated while also embracing the good feelings the time of year brings.

Be fit!Allow yourself to feel the holiday cheer, it will lift your spirits and motivate you to do good things for yourself along with the people around you. When you feel good about what you’re doing it shows and brightens any room you walk into.

Don’t Make Yourself Feel Guilty

Seriously, don’t.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying the holidays! We’ll keep saying it until you believe it.

The whole point of this post is to make sure you understand that as long as you complete your daily goals, then you have nothing to feel guilty about. The whole point of following a lifestyle rather than a diet is that you can enjoy the things you want to do without compromising the lifestyle you’re working towards.

You are not going to compromise your healthy lifestyle here.

Remember: stressing yourself out this season is NOT going to help you in your pursuits. Embrace the good feelings that go around this time of year and use them to motivate yourself.

If you feel good, others will feel good.

If you give to your community, your community will give back.

Nothing to feel guilty about here.


Relax, enjoy yourself. You can enjoy the holidays without compromising your lifestyle.

Fit Body Boot Camp is here to help keep you motivated; this community wants to see you succeed. We’re here to help you, and letting you know that this isn’t a time to be afraid of is the first step in giving you the courage to face the holidays head on.

And if you’re worried about what to eat this season, you can always check out our recipe blogs for some delicious and nutritious ideas to serve at family get togethers.

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