Inside A Boot Camper’s First Workout

Curious about Fit Body Boot Camp?

Maybe you found us online while searching for the nearest gym in your area, or perhaps one of our locations recently popped up in your city…

It’s one thing to hear about us online, but the experience of boot camp, well, that’s something in and of itself.

So we thought, “Hmmm, how can we give our readers a little taste of a boot camp workout? How can we show them what we’re all about BEFORE they ever step in foot in one of our locations?”

Easy…talk to someone who JUST went through boot camp for the first time!

Today, we’ll show you what it’s like to visit one of our locations for the first time. Of course, your experience might differ from this person’s, but we’re confident that you’ll have a great time with us regardless!

Here’s an exclusive look into the life of a boot camper.


Walking Through the Door

“I’ve gotta admit, I was nervous for my first ever boot camp session. Boot camp is a scary word to me; it makes me think of those Army drill sergeants that scream at their soldiers to ‘drop and give me 50’. Didn’t sound like my cup of tea.

Fitbody Bootcamp“However, all of those worries went away as soon as I walked into boot camp for the first time. I was immediately greeted at the door by the coach on hand, who made sure to remember my name on the spot. Since I was early, he told me that I could head to the waiting area until the beginning of my class.

Even though the space was relatively small, it didn’t feel uncomfortable to me. There were a bunch of large cubbies where I could store my phone and backpack, and they were in plain view of everyone which made stealing anything nearly impossible. There was even a plush couch and some chairs to crash on before my session. I was at ease…”


So…What About the Workout?

“We all spread out across the room and began our workout with some light warm-ups. Nothing too crazy: some jumping jacks, a few burpees, some stretching.


“This workout was done in pairs, so I buddied up with a friend of mine that I’d come with. We began with some kettlebell exercises. I would have to complete, say, 10 kettlebell squats while my partner did kettlebell swings. Once I finished my set, we’d switch routines until the one minute timer went off.

“It was fast-paced! There wasn’t a ton of time to rest, so I made sure to chug a lot of water in between stations.

“Over the course of the next half hour, I did push ups with my legs off the ground, ‘duck walks’—basically side shuffles with a resistance band around your legs, bicycle crunches, a shuttle run with a darn heavy medicine ball, and some punching bag work with a pair of dumbbells instead of a pair of gloves. Talk about a workout!

The whole time I felt motivated. Even when I was exhausted, our coach kept the energy up. He even took the time to correct my form during the workout (Those suspended push ups? Yeah…took a while to slip my feet into those things…).”

Would I Go Back?

“When it was all over, I was out of breath. Hey, it was my first time!

“My body did feel a little different, different from any of those times I had waltzed into the gym to hit a few reps and leave. I actually felt like I had worked out. My body felt strong and my muscles felt like they’d actually been tested and pushed (that’s a good thing).

Fitbody Bootcamp“Something stuck with me more than anything, though: I felt a sense of pride.

“I pushed myself beyond what I thought I was capable of. My partner and I communicated well and got through each station together. It really felt like I had accomplished something.

“So yes, I will be back. In fact, I went back again already, and I had another great experience! I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a great workout that doesn’t cut corners.”


*Note: This is a real client testimonial. We kept it anonymous to protect the privacy of the individuals mentioned in the piece.

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