Motivation Monday: Work Out Smarter

Is there an expiration date fitness?

There isn’t. Heck, there are plenty of seniors that are in better shape than most 20 and 30-year olds. But how is that even possible?

They work out smarter. They adapt to their body’s changes, like how it loses stamina or gets weaker with age.

Now what if I told you that you could increase your lifespan by doing the same thing, even if you aren’t older in age? That’s what I want to discuss today.


Adapt, THEN Work Hard

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If you want long-term results, you need to learn how to adapt.

Here’s the trap most young people fall into. They take advantage of their younger bodies and push themselves to the brink when they work out.

This is a great mentality to have—we always talk about shattering limits on this blog—but it CAN come back to hurt them if they work too hard and break down their bodies.

So here’s a radical idea: fitness doesn’t favor the person who works out the hardest, but rather the person who works out the hardest and the smartest.

What does that look like? Here are a few examples:

  • If you have a leg injury, modify your squats (lower reps or intensity) rather than risk further injury.
  • Focus on form more than on a specific number of reps.
  • Strategically plan your rest days. Make sure your body is well-rested before every workout (sleep, nutrition, inactivity, etc.).
  • Push yourself, but don’t burn yourself out long-term.
  • Listen to your body and pace yourself accordingly.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push yourself; just push yourself to the extent that your body can reasonably handle. If you do, you’ll look amazingly fit for a long, long time.


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