How To Wake Up Early in the Morning

Imagine waking up just like the people in the movies. You leap out of bed, glowing from check to cheek. With only one giant stretch of your arms, you anxiously step outside and embrace the new day.

But the reality is that most people fail at this. Instead of embracing the day with warmth and optimism, they stumble out of bed and loathe every reason why they can’t sleep for an extra hour.

Here’s a little secret: your attitude is a choice. You can choose to let the morning weigh you down, or you can take advantage of the extra time awake and end the day feeling more productive.

Before you learn to cultivate that cheerful morning attitude that probably seems like a myth to you right now, you have to discipline your body to adjust itself to an earlier wake-up time.

If you can take this one step, the benefits of being an early bird will soon manifest in your life.

Today, we’re going to lay out a few lifestyle changes that will help you beat the sun (and your neighbors) in the morning.

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Forget the Snooze

Most people owe a lot of their morning struggles to that little snooze button on top of your alarm. That button becomes the excuse that perpetuates their unhealthy wake-up routine.

You’re much better off waking up after finishing your normal sleep cycle than dozing in-and-out of sleep in the final moments before rising. Many late-sleepers feel drained when they wake up multiple times in a morning.

Plus, relying on snooze gets the body into the habit of expecting more sleep. So when that sleep is denied, it reacts unpleasantly with fatigue and sluggishness.

If you place your alarm somewhere outside of your arm’s reach, you’ll need to shut it off by rolling out of bed. Once you’re out of bed, try and resist the urge to lie down again. The more you do this, the more you’ll condition your body to ignore the discomfort of waking up.


Use An Alarm That’s Not Obnoxious

The type of alarm you use in the morning can make a world of difference.

Just picture a thirteen-year old boy waking up from a deep slumber after his parents or siblings call him for breakfast. He’s probably going to be grumpy for most of that morning.

Try to find an alarm with a quiet, melodic tone that will invite you to wake up, not demand you to. Remember that your alarm is the first thing you’ll hear in the morning; if it’s obnoxious, it’s going to put anyone in a foul mood.

One great tip is to use a favorite sound as your alarm. Think of a soundbyte you’d love to hear in the morning, something that will stimulate your mind. There are plenty of apps that can help you create these personalized alarms.

Whether it’s a clip of your kids playing outside or the tranquil rushing of the ocean landing on shore, all you need is something that will put you in a positive frame of mind for the day.


Wake Up to Light

What’s our natural impulse when we wake up to nothing but darkness?


When you wake up to the light, your body know that it’s time to get up and begin the day. So you need to make sure that light floods into your room so that your body gravitates toward being active.

How do you do this?

Make sure that your windows are exposed so that every sunray can hit you as you rise out of slumber. You can also buy a remote-controlled light-system so that you can brighten your room in an instant.

Try not to use light that’s super bright, since that can be annoying to wake up to. You also don’t want your light too dim, or it won’t have any effect on you.


Keep the House Warm

When the room is cold, bed sheets become man’s best friend. Their cozy warmth becomes the one barrier between the sleeper and the frigid air.

If you make sure that your house is warm in the morning, you will make those brutal first seconds of rising out of bed much more manageable.

You can do this in a couple of different ways.

You could buy a thermostat that regulates the air and makes sure it doesn’t dip below a certain temperature.

You also can install heaters into your home, a source of heat that you can huddle around in the morning instead of remaining in bed.


Sleep Earlier

The root of many people’s morning woes is that they aren’t sleeping enough. Oftentimes they need to rein in their schedule so that they aren’t waking up like sleep-deprived zombies.

First, identify anything that keeps you up late at night.

Then, axe whatever that is out of your life. Or, move it up in your day and replace it with something else you can go without.

Also, staring at electronics thirty minutes before bed can disrupt your ability to fall into a deep sleep. Try substituting technology time for activities that naturally drain your energy, like reading, working out, or cleaning around the house.

If you can get around 8 hours of sleep, you’ll feel refreshed and alive in the mornings. Plus, you’ll be less likely to need short-term energy boosts like coffee to pick you up. The body is much healthier without many caffeinated beverages.


Find Your Inspiration

When people try to wake up early for no reason, they don’t feel compelled to fight the temptations of staying in bed longer.

But if you set a goal in your mind, you’re more likely to override those little voices in your head telling you to stay in.

Make sure to make those goals meaningful and productive.

If you want to write a novel but work a 9-to-5, you can tell yourself that the only way to realize your dreams is to focus in those morning hours.

If you want to be a great basketball player, you’ll want to get up early and practice while your opponents sleep.

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