The Most Versatile Leg Stretch Is…

What’s the most versatile leg stretch you can do?

Don’t overthink it. It’s the classic “touch your toes” stretch!

At first, it might seem like the most bland stretch ever, but as you’ll see you can mix it up to stretch out different areas of your leg.


Proper Form

Let’s start with the basic version. Put your feet together and touch your toes without bending your legs. You’ll notice a slight burn in your calves and shins.

Now stretch you legs out wide and extend your arms to the ground in front of you. That burn should extend to your lower quads. If you want to focus on one leg, use your hands to touch the toes/heel of the leg’s foot.

Looking to stretch out your lower back? No problem: just keep your legs split and stretch your arms as far out in front of you as you can. As always, don’t bend those knees!


Final Tips!
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Yep, even your hand placement can affect where your body loosens up the most. That’s just your body distributing weight out to pull your muscles a little extra. Go slow, breathe, and let your muscles feel free.

Did we miss any good toe-touching stretches? Let us know in the comments!

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