New Year, New Fitness? How to REALLY Stick with a New Year’s Resolution

If December is the season of giving, January is the season of losing…

Losing weight, that is.

The new year inspires fresh new hopes and big dreams. Men and women everywhere flock to their local gyms, yoga studios, and fitness boot camps to finally get in shape.

Sadly by September, a lot of these same people end up nowhere near their goals. They look back and ask, “How did I miss the mark?”

You, my friend, are NOT one of these people! Come 2018, your fitness goals will always remain in sight, and you’ll build the habits that will outlast the motivation boost you get from the new year.

Put another way: you’ll have the blueprint to sustainable weight loss and health.

Here are a few tips to dominate January…and February…and March…well, you get the idea.


Build Momentum

Human motivation is temporary. It flares up, then burns out after a couple of weeks.

The solution? Build some momentum and swing it in your favor!

It’s like rolling a ball down a hill. At first, it may roll slow, but once it picks up speed it rolls at a blistering pace.

Think of yourself as that ball, and think of your fitness journey as that downhill slope.Fitbody Bootcamp

A lot of people think of fitness as an uphill climb. They barely crawl out of bed in the morning, they loathe their workouts, and they never embrace the journey that they’re on…

But that’s not fitness at all. Every day you work out or eat clean, you take another massive step towards that sexy, confident person you’ve always wanted to become. You build habits, and it gets easier and easier and easier…

Celebrate the progress you make every day—and know that all of your dedication and discipline does pay off.


Forget the Numbers on the Scale…

What? How can I forget the numbers when I NEED to weigh myself?

Any health professional will tell you that the number on the scale fluctuates. You could lose 4 lbs one week, then only lose 1 lb the next.

That DOESN’T mean you didn’t make progress…

Over time, those fluctuations won’t matter. You won’t even have to look at the scale because you’ll feel your progress in your body, attitude, and energy.

No matter what, there’s always more to your story than the number on the scale.

Maybe you want to have the energy to play tag with your kids. Maybe you want to flaunt your sexy new figure at a high school reunion. Maybe you want to be alive long enough to see your daughter get married.

THESE goals—personal, real goals—will help you finish those last few reps when you’re dead tired. THESE goals will push you more than any 3-digit number ever could.


Make a Plan

Think of your plan as your stress reliever…

Indecision is a big reason why people avoid working out, but with a plan, you almost ALWAYS know what to do to lose weight.Fitbody Bootcamp

In other words, a plan breaks your goals into small, easy-to-follow, daily chunks.

Whether it’s your diet or your workouts, always have a plan. Make some back up plans in case you ever get thrown off track. And if that happens, just brush it off and follow your plan as soon as possible.

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