Truths To Fuel Your Next Gym Session

Ever wonder how those bionic superhuman fitness athletes get in the shape they’re in?

Of course they eat right and work out a lot, but there’s more to it than that. They somehow muster up the motivation to eat right and work out almost every day.

If that was the only thing stopping you from getting into amazing shape, wouldn’t you do everything you could to find the inspiration to live healthier?

Good news: you ARE closer than you think to a fit new life. Conquering your mindset CAN help you reach the results you deserve.

That starts with little affirmations—reminders of the truths in your life—that can transform your mindset in moments.

Here are a few of my favorite ones.


“I’m don’t feel like going to boot camp today.”

You might be down, but you’re never out. Repetition is the key to mastering anything, and making the gym a part of your weekly routine will help you build the healthy habits you need for long term success. Do what’s right, not what you feel like!Fitbody Bootcamp


“Eating healthy is so hard!”

Remember, we weren’t meant to live off of sugary processed foods. Our bodies respond best to healthy and natural foods. Every healthy meal is a step towards that six-pack you want or that skinny belly you crave.


“I can’t keep up with everyone else!”

Everyone has their own fitness journey! Just because someone sweats more than you in boot camp, that doesn’t mean they’ll lose more weight than you.

Focus on what you can control. Trust the process. Know that results come to those who work hard and stay disciplined, and remember what matters: reaching your goals, not keeping up with the Joneses.


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