How to Stay Healthy During Travel!

How to Stay Healthy During Travel

In this brave new world travelling for fun seems like something from another life. And even with all the travel restrictions and protocols in place, individuals find themselves needing to travel. Whether it’s for work or to safely visit family during quarantine, travel is not obsolete. But with everything going on how can you travel safely and maintain your healthy lifestyle?

  1. Prioritize sleep. Sleep is the number one thing that people report changes the

most while traveling. When you’re wanting to explore a new city, visiting with friends or meeting with clients you lose track of time. Especially when you’re travelling into another time zone, you may literally lose time. Travelling can be very taxing on your body, so ensure you are listening to your body when it tells you to stop. And as much as possible try to keep to your normal sleep routine. 

  1. Hydrate. Another great struggle when travelling, is staying hydrated. It’s 

exponentially easier to access water when you’re at the office or home, then it is when you’re on the road. Here are some ideas of ways to keep hydrated when on the road. Before you travel, ensure that you are properly hydrated. This can help balance any water loss for the following days. You can also try coconut water as it is full of natural electrolytes and potassium which is a strong combination to boost your hydration. Most importantly bring a reusable water bottle with you and fill up when you can. 

  1. Walk whenever you can. Walking is a great form of exercise as well as a vital part

of daily health. Walking can help reduce your risk for heart disease, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. And when you are travelling it’s easy to be stuck on a plane or in a car for hours at a time. So when you can utilize every opportunity to take a walk. If you arrive a few hours early for a flight, instead of waiting outside of the gate, go for a walk around the airport. Instead of taking the elevator to your hotel room, use the stairs. Before you know it you will reach your step goal.

  1. Don’t overdo it on alcohol or sweets. On average 27% of the budget for

American’s who travel go towards food and alcohol. And 37% of American’s stated that they are more likely to splurge on food and alcohol when travelling. When travelling be sure to do some research ahead of time of food options nearby where you’ll be staying. Explore the menu for nutritious options that won’t stray from your diet when you’re at home. And although it is fine to enjoy your vacation with a drink, be sure to keep hydrated and avoid mixed alcoholic beverages with excessive amounts of added sugar. 

  1. Take your vitamins. As previously mentioned, it can be difficult to eat a healthy 

balanced meal with all the essential vitamins when traveling so take your daily multi-vitamins to supplement your meals. Multi-vitamins are great for travel as well as everyday use when you’re at home. When selecting a multivitamin be sure to choose one that is nutrient dense and try to opt for a multivitamin that provides 100 percent of your Daily Value for the vitamins and minerals listed in it.
So whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, you do not have to check your health at the check-in counter with your bags. Instead focus on the little things you can do during your trip to keep you at your best. Be sure to prioritize sleep. Keep hydrated as much as possible by bringing a reusable water bottle and trying coconut water. Walk whenever possible to get your heartrate going. Enjoy yourself, but do not overdo it on alcohol or sweets. And be sure to pack your multi-vitamin. 

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