How to Stay In and Stay Healthy

It’s a late Friday night. Samantha is at home watching a movie…

The movie is a super intense thriller. She’s on the edge of her seat!

You know what’s OFF the edge of her seat? Two bags of popcorn, an empty box of chocolate, and two empty soda cans…

In the span of a few hours, Samantha mindlessly ate unhealthy snack after unhealthy snack. The diet she’d been working on maintaining for the past few weeks was going down the drain…

Staying in for a quiet night at the house can either be really healthy or really unhealthy. Today’s blog is your guide to making sure you make the most of your night in—and reign victorious over those greasy, juicy unhealthy cravings.


Prep the Cupboard with Healthy Snacks

Beware of the big bowl!

When you’re watching a movie, playing a board game, or just hanging out, you almost always want to take some snacks with you to enjoy. You end up grabbing a big bowl of chips or popcorn from the kitchen, and before you know it the whole bowl is gone.Fitbody Bootcamp

What you need to do is take the power of choice out of your hands. So if you know you’re about to have a night in, keep those unhealthy snacks away and replace them with some berries, nuts, yogurt, stringed cheese, you name it.

Before you know it, those healthy snacks will be a part of your daily eating routine, and those unhealthy snacks will be a thing of the past!


Eat Throughout the Day

One of the worst things you can do for yourself is to hold off on the food before your night of dining in.

Your body needs fuel throughout the day…not when it’s at home kicking back with nothing to do.

Always have a healthy snack or two at the ready, even when you’re not hungry.

This will accomplish two things: you’ll be more in control of what you’re snacking on late at night, and you’ll encourage yourself to spread your eating out throughout the day.

Granted, snacking isn’t bad for you. In fact, eating a lot of small portions throughout the day is actually great for your metabolism. It’s also a great way to curb your hunger because you’ll prevent yourself from feeling starved at any point during the day.


Stay Out of the Kitchen!

Cutting your portions and cutting your eating pace: two ways you’ll curtail your eating habits at home.

Let’s go back to that bowl

of snacks we talked about earlier.

Now instead of taking a bowl of snacks from the kitchen to the living room, why not use a small ziplock bag instead? You’ll be minimizing the amount of food you intake at any given sitting.

That’s only half of the equation, though. You also want to take your time eating. But why?

Fitbody Bootcamp

The more time you take eating, the less you’re actually going to eat—yet your body will still get the satisfaction of being fed.

See, there’s no need to linger around the kitchen and tempt yourself with more food!

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