Be Ready to Slay Your Next Fit Body Workout!

You just finish your last set of burpees. A wave of confidence overtakes you as you think about what you just accomplished…

“I SLAYED that workout! My body feels powerful and fit!”

You can almost feel the fat melt in your core. Your midsection starts to sizzle as the lines of your new six-pack begin to take shape.

Most men and women that work out dream of that moment…and Fit Body Boot Camp workouts deliver the results that will make you feel on fire!

Before you dominate your next Fit Body sesh, you need to solidify your pre-exercise routine. Every world-class fitness trainer will tell you that preparation is the key to a good workout.

Think of it as the stuff you put into your car. If you fill your car’s tank with soda and window cleaner, you probably won’t even be able to drive out of the parking lot. But if you fill it with high-quality gas, you’ll zip past traffic and get to where you need to get to in no time.

If you prep your body and mind before you work out, boot camp will be that much effective (and easier) for you. Now, how to do that…


Drink Water

It sounds so simple: drink water and you’ll be hydrated to work out.

But think about all the stuff people drink during the day…

A typical person might stop by their local coffee shop for some morning espresso. Or, they might prefer tea, or energy drinks, or that trendy juice that’s all over Instagram. They might even have some more caffeine with their lunch later in the day. Fitbody Bootcamp

How do you think they’ll feel when they work out after work? Exhausted and regretful…all because they drank way too many beverages NOT names water…

Drink water in the morning, in the afternoon,the night before a workout, whenever. You’ll help flush out all the bad stuff that builds up inside your body throughout the day.


Listen to Music

You’re on your way to boot camp. You know you need to get your mentality right.

Maybe you can’t shake work, school, or stress out of your mind, but you know you need your focus to be on attacking each exercise with energy…

That’s when you put on some good music. Slowly, you start to relish the opportunity to get lost in exercise.

You’re ready to give it your all.

Most people like to get pumped up before a workout sesh. They’ll blast something upbeat and get in the groove, they’ll harvest some energy from within, and then they’ll unleash it all during their workout.

The right song can shift your focus away from the fatigue of an intense workout. I mean, when you hear the Rocky theme song, you’ll want to lift a thousand pounds and shadowbox for hours and hours. Ok, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but you get the point: get yourself going with music.


Try Supplements

Supplements are like the little power-ups you collect in video games. Just as power-ups can turn your character into an untouchable force—not to mention how much easier they make the game—the right supplements give you a boost in energy, and they also maximize your results.

Be careful with supplements: some either don’t work well or come with unpleasant side effects. When used correctly (and legally), they can prime your body for the best workout possible.

Talk to your local nutritionist to see which pre-workout supplements are right for you.


Eat Lightly

Eating before you work out can be tricky. How do you avoid the dreaded “food coma”?

Eat 1-2 hours before your next boot camp session. That gives your food enough time to digest.

Get some proteins in that pre-workout meal! They will help you build muscle and not tire out as you push your body to get stronger, leaner, and fitter. Protein shakes are another way to receive a healthy serving of protein in no time!Fitbody Bootcamp

Don’t eat too much, either. Yes, you need the energy to finish boot camp strong, but you also don’t want to consume an excess amount of calories (bad calories).


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