Game On! 3 Ways You Can Make Your Workouts Fun

Who says that workouts have to be boring? Shouldn’t you look forward to those things in life that make you feel and look better?

Just imagine how much fat you could burn if you make fitness one of your hobbies. That’s actually easier to do than you think…

Check out these 3 fun spins on exercise that you try right after you read this!


Beat Your Best

This one’s simple: record your personal bests and beat them. Doesn’t matter if it’s burpees, push-ups, sit-ups, box jumps…

Say you can do 25 sit-ups in a row. Next time, shoot for 26. Then 28. Then 30.

Why? Progress comes in small increments of growth that add up over time. You don’t have to chisel your body in one session; just focus on doing a little better every time and your motivation won’t run dry.


Turn Your Workout into a Game

Let’s raise the stakes!Fitbody Bootcamp

This one’s great if you work out with friends or family. Most people enjoy a little friendly competition, but everyone really love rewards.

For instance, you could do a burpees competition with a bunch of friends. Whoever does the most reps gets a free dinner or a gift card to their favorite store. That’s sure to pump you up to kill those reps!


Mix Up Your Workouts

In fitness you want to challenge your body in new ways. Your mind also craves variety. That’s why you should always research new exercises to add to your workout repertoire.

At Fit Body Boot Camp, your workouts never get dull. Our coaches pull from an extensive database of routines, and each workout includes different types of exercises (battle ropes, resistance bands, kettlebells, etc.), so you’ll get a fun and comprehensive calorie burn every time you attend boot camp!

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