How to Break Through a Plateau and See Results

Have you ever seen that show “The Biggest Loser”?

It’s this television show that brings on people who really want to lose weight. They get access to the best trainers, proper nutrition, and state-of-the-art training equipment…

Oh yeah, and whoever wins gets to keep a nice cash reward, too.

Here’s what usually happens to contestants on the show: they experience incredible weight loss during the first few weeks of the show. Once their journey hits the middle stretch, however, contestants start to see fewer and fewer results…

It’s natural for weight loss to plateau once someone starts burning all the excess fat stored in their body. That’s just a sign that you’re on the right path to a permanent healthy lifestyle!

Sometimes, though, that wall is self-induced—people slowly fall off their healthy habits and pay the price for it.

Today, let’s talk about getting through this plateau and seeing the results you’ve always wanted for yourself!

Double Check Your Diet

One reason people stop seeing results is because they ease up on their diet…

That’s the natural tendency, right? As you start working out harder and more often, the temptation is to relax on your diet because you’re going to burn calories off anyways.

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That’s why your goal shouldn’t just be losing 20 lbs in 4 weeks. It should be about practicing healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

If you see yourself slowly slipping into old eating habits, find where you can improve. Start by eliminating 1 food or drink that you know isn’t healthy for you, then slowly transition into a healthier lifestyle.


Slowly Scale Your Workouts

Once people start hitting a wall in weight loss, they often want to push themselves harder, eat less—basically do whatever it takes to keep up their pace.

All of that stuff can be dangerous and might put your health at risk.

As mentioned before, plateauing is a natural part of the weight loss journey. You got to that point somehow, so why fix what isn’t broken?

You want to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts to match your fitness level. Gradually is the keyword there because you want to slowly adapt your body to your new strength.

Trust the process! The results will come (and stick) if you stay committed to a healthy game plan.


Change Up Your Workouts

Another reason people stop seeing great results is because their motivation falls off. A lot of times they just get bored with their workouts!

So…it’s time to get creative!

Spice up your workouts! Try some new exercises that still hit the same regions of your body. That way, you don’t need to rework your whole routine; you just have to sub in some new exercises and you’re set!Fitbody Bootcamp

Also, take stock of where you’re at. If you feel like you’re struggling to get those cardio days done during the week, maybe it’s time to schedule them on Saturdays when you have more time on your hands.

Fit Body Boot Camp is committed to making every workout feel fresh and new. Our members rotate between stations during a workout, toning different muscles in different ways. Our owners also have tons of workouts at their disposal, so they can switch it up and focus on working out different parts of the body!

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