Control Your Influence, Control Your Happiness

You’re in the car with a few friends. It’s a long drive, and the conversation is near dead.

Suddenly, one of your friends blurts out, “I’m hungry!”

All of the sudden, you start to hear your stomach rumble. Maybe your favorite foods start to play on a slideshow inside your head. You look at the rest of your friends in the car; they’re all rubbing their stomachs.

Maybe you ARE hungry too.

That is the power of influence. What we say affects the people around us, whether we intend for it or not.

Now what does this have to do with your happiness? With your surroundings?

Basically, you have a superpower you didn’t even know was in your toolbox. You can elevate (or lower) the mood of the people around you with just…your…words. It comes right back to you, though, because their mood influences how you feel too.

Here’s how you can wield the power of influence, control your mood, and live a happier life.


You Control the “Mood Thermostat”

What is the “mood thermostat?” Simple: your words can either change or reinforce how everyone around you feels—just like the example above. In common speak, it’s when you “bring the mood up (or down)”

The key to happiness is to surround yourself with positive people. But even positive people have those moments when they’re anything but happy.Fitbody Bootcamp

That’s when you come in with words of encouragement.

Keep the conversation light and playful. Encourage and compliment those who feel down or angry or scared. Again, the subconscious is really powerful, so when others see your positive attitude, they’ll want to follow suit.


How to Get What You Want

Influence is much more than the mood thermostat. In fact, influence can help you get what you want from others.

Say you need a workout buddy. You know of someone who’d be perfect to ask, a friend of yours that is at your same fitness level. So you approach them and say…

“Hey, I think we’d both benefit from working out a little more. Want to be my workout buddy?”

What you said might not sound that bad on the surface, but if the person is self conscious about their weight they may not want to be reminded about it. And if they feel offended, they’re more likely to say “no” to you.

Instead, say this:

“Hey, you’re a positive person with amazing energy. I trust you. I want you to be my workout buddy so I can stay on track towards my fitness goals.”

See the difference? In this example, you make the listener feel good. You also give them a task, something that’s important to you. Now they feel empowered and motivated to help you get in shape!

How you say something is just as important as what you say. Always keep that in mind!


A Word of Caution…

Influence is power. There’s no getting around that…

Never forget that people also use influence to manipulate and Fitbody Bootcampsabotage others. They use others to get what they want, when they want it…

Be careful whenever you extend your influence. Your words have the power to start revolutions, to inspire change, to break the mold, and to make the world a better place.

You could choose to use your influence to get everything you want…

Or you could choose to use your influence to help others. To rally support for a good cause. To lift someone’s spirits.

Which do you choose?

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