Three Big Tricks to Maintain Your Metabolism All Day

You ever look at someone super skinny and think, “Man, I wish I had THEIR metabolism!”?

Don’t get down on yourself! Being fit isn’t limited to genetics. You can reshape your body with hard work, discipline, and focus.

Your metabolism—the reactions that break down compounds, such as fats, inside your body—is your ticket to weight loss. Break down fats and sugars and your body will transform right before your eyes!

Even better news? There’s actually a way to unleash your own metabolism and stay skinny.

So what’s the secret? Let’s start out with your diet…


Eat Consistently!

How do you elevate your metabolism in the first place?

You eat! Like, all the time.

It’s time to do away with “breakfast,” “lunch,” and “dinner.” That’s the old school way of eating…

You should eat around 4-6 meals a day. These meals can be smaller than your average lunch or dinner. Make sure you eat throughout the day to maintain your energy levels.

Now you also need to make sure you eat the right stuff, too. Here’s a quick little tip to do that…

Make sure there’s protein in every meal you eat. Proteins will prevent you from crashing and will stabilize your blood sugar levels.

As for carbs, make sure you cut them after lunch. Yup, you heard that right.

The body will break down carbs before it breaks down fats. We want the body to go after that pesky fat first, so limit your carb intake to your daily recommended amount!



There’s a lesser-known second way to kick your metabolism into overdrive. It’s called Afterburn, and it’s one benefit that comes with our 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts.

You might guess that the longer you work out, the more your metabolism will go up. That’s not necessarily the case…

Your body actually needs a quick and explosive workout to push your metabolism over the top. That’s how you burn calories long after you finish your workout and head home.

You want your workouts to be fast-paced and heart-pumping, so push the pace and stay safe!

Want to try an Afterburn workout for yourself? Fit Body Boot Camp offers them at every one of their locations worldwide. Woman in black and blue work out clothes jumping in the airDid you know that fitness and diet affect each other more than you think? When you eat more throughout the day, you gain more energy. You burn that energy off when you work out. Soon, your body needs even more energy to replenish what it just spent (you also need to feed your muscles with protein as well).

Rejoice in the small victories. Make progress everyday. You’ll find that a balanced lifestyle is well within your reach.

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