Why “I Look Stupid” Shouldn’t Keep You from Losing Weight

“Wow, I look stupid.”

So many people repeat those exact words to themselves at the gym. Once they see those people with ripped abs and toned muscles, they immediately feel like they just don’t belong.

Look, you don’t need to look like Superman to lose weight. You just need the right perspective.

I have a couple of “mindset motivators” that you can use to rid the phrase “I look stupid” from your vocabulary. It all cycles back to one simple message: Your goals are all that matter in the gym.


Everyone Starts Somewhere

Those muscular models I mentioned earlier? Just remember: they started somewhere too.

No one jumps out of the womb with the perfect body. You work for it, and you earn it.

Those people at the gym chose to commit themselves to a healthy lifestyle. That’s one decision that you can make as well.


Everyone’s Journey Is Different

Everyone’s body is different. Your metabolism, genetics, and body type are just a few of the factors that affect how fast you lose weight. Fitbody Bootcamp

You might know someone that loses weight without even trying. Their goal might even be to put on weight.

Even if others lose weight faster than you, that doesn’t mean you’ll never get fit. Believe in YOUR journey. Do the right things and the results will come.


It’s About YOUR Goals

You know how dangerous it is to compare yourself to others?

That’s when people start to work out to impress others rather than for their own happiness. That motivation never lasts—you can’t impress everyone.

But if you always keep your goals at the forefront of your mind, everyone else’s opinion will fade into the background, and you’ll find it in yourself to push forward in the gym.

Work out for YOU.

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