The Formula That Will Shrink Your Pants Size

We actually spend most of our lives sitting or lying down.

Think about all the things you do while sitting down: texting, watching TV, talking on the phone, reading, and much more. That doesn’t even take into account the 8 hours a day you’re asleep and off your feet.

One of the biggest ways to lose weight and go down a pants size or two is to supercharge your metabolism. There are a few ways to do this (I’ll share our favorite at the end), but one of the easiest is to simply move more.

Now you’re probably wondering, “Well, ok, but how do I do that?”

Let’s take a look at how you can add extra motion into your daily routine.


Ways to Stay Active Throughout the Day

Try one of these life hacks to accelerate your daily calorie burn:Fitbody Bootcamp

  • Do some push-ups while you read.
  • Get in some jumping jacks or stretches while you watch TV.
  • Skip the drive to work by biking instead.
  • Clean the house more often—it will force you to get up and around the house!
  • Texting? Do some leg lifts while you chat your friends.

The formula for this is really simple: think of an activity you do while sitting, then come up with a way you can add in some exercise as you do that activity. Just make sure you’re always aware of your surroundings (so don’t text while you cross the street!).


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