You Should Sign Up for Boot Camp If You Do One of These 3 Things…

Do you carry your heavy purse up a flight of stairs every day, or push a stroller through the park on Sunday afternoons, or walk back and forth all day making sales calls?

Whether we realize it or not, activity is a part of all of our lives. That means most people are actually closer to jumping into fitness than they think!

Let’s list off a few daily activities that translate to boot camp. Let us know if you can think of any others in the comments below!

If You’re a Mom/Dad…Fitbody Bootcamp

For many parents, it’s tough to find the time and energy to exercise. And who can blame them? They’re constantly lifting their kids, cleaning up after them, making sure they’re fed, and even getting up in the middle of the night to make sure they’re ok.

But those activities are great prep for your first boot camp session!

At Fit Body Boot Camp, sessions are 30 minutes long and involve lifting and movement. If you’re already doing that at home (even if you’re lifting a little less than in boot camp), then you’re ready to give boot camp a go!

If You Like to Dance…

Love to blast the radio in your car and dance like no one’s watching? Then boot camp might just be your thing!

Dancing requires a lot of movement and flexibility—even if you don’t have moves like Jagger. That comes in handy at boot camp, whether you’re pulling suspension straps or you’re shuffling and squatting.

Plus, we play music while you work out, so you’ll still be able to bust a move in between sets!

If You Take Public Transportation…

Public transportation is a popular way to navigate through busy cities. But how does it connect to fitness?

You might be on your feet the entire time you ride a subway. Or, maybe you have to walk a half mile to get to the nearest bus station. You might even get lost in a train station and spend an extra few minutes wandering around…

Point is, public transportation usually involves a ton of walking. While Fit Body Boot Camp isn’t strictly a cardio program, our boot camps do get you on your feet and moving. You might have the cardio in you already and just need some strength exercises to round out your fitness; in that case, we’ve got you covered too!

But we saved the best part for last! Even if you aren’t one of these 3 people, you can still jump into boot camp and get acclimated in no time! Click here to claim 3 free sessions and see for yourself.

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