3 Strategies for Avoiding the Thanksgiving Meal Blues

Stop feeling guilty about eating that Thanksgiving meal!

So what if you stuffed your stomach with stuffing and gobbled down second servings of turkey? Is it the most nutritious meal ever? Of course not. But can you overcome it with a little post-Thanksgiving discipline? Oh yeah!

Today we’re handing you three strategies to overcome the Thanksgiving meal blues and get right back on track with your fitness.


Replace the Leftovers!

Look. They’re trying to tempt you from the fridge right now.

Leftovers are a quick meal, sure, but they’re just as unhealthy as the main Thanksgiving meal. Rather than chow down on cranberries and mashed potatoes all week, get your Thanksgiving leftovers out of the fridge and away from your stomach. The faster you can do this, the quicker you can restock your kitchen with the foods you know will help you lose weight.

You don’t have to throw all that food away either. Donate it to a family member, a friend, or even a nearby homeless shelter.


Work Out…Like, ASAPFitbody Bootcamp

Seriously…and I know you don’t feel like it either.

But think of it this way: if you can push through a couple of workouts after arguably the biggest meal of the year, you can push through just about anything. Crush those workouts — that will reassure you that nothing can get in the way of your fitness goals.

One great post-Thanksgiving workout option is Fit Body Boot Camp. You’ll rapidly shred fat after experiencing a few of our boot camp sessions. Yep, none of that Thanksgiving food will be rattling around in your belly anymore. [More info at the end of this blog]


Reshape Your Mindset

“You know, I just had a pretty large Thanksgiving meal yesterday. What’s one more heavy meal gonna do to me?”

Raise your hand if you’ve been there before.

One meal will NOT completely derail your diet unless you allow it to. Most people fall off course when they use that one meal as an excuse to keep eating poorly.

How can you prevent all your fitness progress from going downhill? Plan what you eat ahead of time. Whether you meal prep or pre-purchase healthy food, make sure you craft your plan before you’re hungry — when your desire for fatty foods intensifies and clouds your judgment.

Again, don’t let your stomach overpower your common sense! Come up with a reliable eating plan to counteract those post-Turkey Day cravings. Check out the recipes on this blog for some healthy new takes on traditionally tasty food.


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