How to Eat Clean on a Budget and Save Money!

“Eating healthy is too expensive” – have you ever caught yourself saying this?

If you think about it, eating unhealthy food is actually a lot more expensive because it costs you energy, productivity, and more trips to the doctor.

Eating healthy, on the other hand, gives you the energy and confidence you need to accomplish your goals.

Our job is to make sure you’re as healthy as possible, so today we’re sharing three ways you can eat better, feel better, and save money!

Meal Prep For the Week

If you sat down and looked at how much you spend every week on breakfast, lunch, and dinner, would you be shocked?

When you buy your meals on-the-go, you don’t really know what ingredients go into each meal you buy.

Even self-proclaimed “healthy” meals are hiding all kinds of sugar, sodium, and saturated fats.

A healthy lettuce wrap meal

The only way to know exactly what you’re putting into your body is to cook your own meals.

Hit up the grocery store, cook your meals Sunday evening, and voila! You’ll have fresh, pre-packed lunch and/or dinner ready for the week.

You’ll be amazed by how much money you save, and how much better your body will feel!

Head for the Frozen Section

Frozen fruits and vegetables are highly underrated. In fact, frozen produce is actually picked in its freshest state and when it’s most in season.

(Psst, this is also when they’re most nutritious.)

Plus, having fruits and vegetables so easily on hand around the house is a huge time.

All you have to do is grab your bag of frozen goods and prepare them however you like. No chopping or peeling required.

Visit Your Local Farmers Market

When you shop at a farmers market, you’re getting produce that is in season, fresh, low cost, and free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals!

Unlike in supermarkets where fruits and vegetables are plucked off before they are ripe, which strips away the natural nutrients.

Young woman at the grocery store in the healthy produce aisle holding a lime

There are tons of ways to eat healthier on a budget, you just have to keep an open mind and get creative!

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