How to Crush the Hardest Part of Your Workout

“Just one more! You can do it!”

“Don’t give in! You’re almost there!”

Why do trainers love saying stuff like this to their clients? Do they know something that we don’t?

They actually do know one thing about fitness that flies over nearly everyone else’s heads…

Fitness is as much mental as it is physical.

When you overcome that nagging voice in your head that swears you can’t do it, that right there is the best feeling ever.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Rocky, you might remember that he would end his runs by running up a bunch of steps, get to the top, stare out at the cityscape, and hold his arms up like the champ he was.

That can be YOU, I promise. You just have to push past those moments when your body wants to stop. Trust me: you’ll see more growth in yourself than ever before.

I want you to feel like Rocky after every one of your workouts. Here’s how to do it…


Stock Up on Energy

How you prepare for your workout is just as important as the workout itself.

Don’t do this, but if you’ve ever worked out without much food or water in your system, you know how tough it is to push your body when it has no fuel. Working out like that can also lead to dehydration—not fun.

That’s like trying to smash the gas pedal when your car is out of gas: it’s not going to go anywhere.Fitbody Bootcamp

Feast up on water and carbs the night before a serious workout. During the day, try to eat proteins, and eat steadily throughout the day. Of course, eat light before you work out: exercising on a full stomach isn’t great either!

Protein bars and certain bags of trail mix can great energy boosters. You can buy them at any convenience store in your area!


Blast Music!

Music: The sweet sounds that give life flavor.

Believe it or not, music really does sway your mood. The right song can make you feel upbeat, angry, motivated, sad, nostalgic, relaxed, etc.

Why not use music to your advantage when working out?

A lot of people will say you need uptempo tracks to push through your workout, but I disagree with that…

Ask yourself this one question: “What gets ME motivated to go all out?”

Maybe you really DO need some fast music to raise your energy. Or, you might prefer some slow jams or acoustic records to keep your mind calm and at ease when the going gets tough.

Find out what works for you, plug in your headphones, and get busy!

Find Great Coaching/Support

When you’re in the trenches working out, nothing is more comforting than having someone at your side offering you support and encouragement.

This is when you turn to your trainer and training partners!

A great trainer takes the time to get to know their clients on a personal level. They figure out how each client likes to be pushed. Some people work harder when they get yelled at, but most people respond better to love, encouragement, and care.

Talk to your trainer and let them know how you’d like them to push you during a workout. Communication is key!Fitbody Bootcamp

So…why then would you need training partners?

There’s this little shift that happens when we see someone else doing the same workout as us…

When we see that something’s possible, we are more likely to believe that we can do it ourselves too. Work out with some friends you know will push you to be your best!


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