How to Do Tricep Dips: Techniques and Variations

The tricep muscles (located on the backs of the arms) are a part of the body that people often find flabby and store excess fat. We know this stubborn area can also be tough to target with exercise.

Don’t worry! We have one of the most effective and best triceps exercises to help tighten this evasive muscle group. However, before we go much further, let’s quickly review the tricep basics.

The Tricep Basics: What are they and What Do They Do?

Also known as the triceps brachii, the triceps are located between the elbow and the shoulder. This muscle has three heads and comprises approximately 60 to 70 percent of the arm.

All you need to know is why tricep function is essential:

  • The primary purpose of the triceps is to allow your forearms to be extended
  • They also help to stabilize and promote healthy shoulder joints
  • This muscle also provides upper body strength when it comes to holding, pushing, or pulling your body weight around

Beware! There can be an imbalance in your upper arm strength if your triceps are weaker than your biceps. That is why you should not overlook focusing on the back of your arms during your exercise routine.

Tricep Dips: Lose Tricep Fat and Gain Strength and Definition 

This exercise may be common, but it is not easy! The good news is that when you are consistent with dips, they are one of the best tricep exercises to get your arms in shape. Don’t just take our word for it: Scientific research confirms tricep dips can quickly and effectively tone and strengthen the back of your arms.

Tricep Dip Techniques

Tricep dips use your own body weight to achieve tight and sculpted muscles. You will want to start tricep dips with a stable platform such as a bench or chair. However, this is not mandatory.

Also referred to as Plyo Box Dips, the basic Tricep Dip exercise goes like this:

  • Sit on a bench with your hands on the seat behind you 
  • Place your feet flat on the floor
  • Lift your butt off the chair 
  • Then, lower your body toward the ground until your arms are bent at 90-degree angles
  • Push yourself back up to the starting position and repeat

Tricep Dip Variations

Once you have mastered this standard exercise, challenge yourself! Try these variations:

  • You can make tricep dips more difficult by extending your legs straight out and keeping your butt off the ground.
  • Ready for more of a challenge? Place both feet on another bench across from you and perform the tricep dip.

You can vary your equipment, too:

  • Chair: Use a bench instead of a chair and perform the same actions mentioned above.
  • Plank position: Straighten your legs and perform the tricep dip in a reverse plank position for increased difficulty.
  • Parallel bars: If you can perform this version, you have truly mastered the art of the tricep dip!
    • Grasp one bar in each hand using an overhand grip
    • Tighten your core and transfer the entire weight of your body onto your arms
    • Then, keep your knees bent as you lift your feet off the ground
    • Lock out your arms at the top of the dip
    • Bend your elbows to lower your body
    • Pause before raising yourself up again

The Bottom Line

When you ace triceps dips, you will be proud to show off the results! In addition, you will have increased confidence in the gym or walking around in that tank top or sleeveless dress.

However, tricep dips can be tricky. Therefore, any exercise, whether it is for your upper body or your overall fitness, is best performed under the guidance of a personal instructor. This ensures you are doing your workout correctly to get your desired results.

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