3 Bodyweight Resistance Exercises That Flat Out Work

Ditch those janky old weight machines. You don’t need them to get in a great workout!

In fact, all you need are a few bands and yourself. Simple enough, right?

Bodyweight resistance training is a hit in boot camps nationwide. Rather than mess around with overcomplicated machines, people want something straightforward and effective. It’s why more and more people are switching from big box gyms to boot camp programs.

So where do you start? Here are a few bodyweight resistance exercises to try the next time you work out.


Resistance Band Shuffles

First, get a resistance band that wraps around the outside of your legs. Make sure it stretches enough to allow for side-to-side movement.

Shuffle to the side, leading with your outer foot first and then following behind with your second foot. Keep your hands together in front of you. Add in squats for some extra lower body work.


45º Suspension SquatsFitbody Bootcamp

For this one, you’ll want to get some suspension straps with hand grips. Anchor them to a bar or hook above your head. Grab the grips and lean back so that you’re at a 45º angle. Then, perform squats, extending your arms as you descend to the ground.


Resistance Band Curls

Get some resistance bands with hand grips. Stand on the middle of the band, grabbing one hand grip in each hand. Perform curls. When pulling, make sure your band isn’t too loose or too tight!


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