How to Eat Healthy at Any Restaurant

Tell me if you’ve been here before.

You finally figure out how to eat healthy. Your structure your diet perfectly: protein shake in the morning, chicken breast for lunch, salmon for dinner, and a few healthy snacks in between.

But then…you go out to eat once…you have a little “cheat meal”…then another…and eventually you slip back into your old ways.

There has to be a way to eat clean whenever you dine in, right? Well, there is.

Let’s break it down step by step.



Appetizers can be diet helpers or diet killers.

If you order a healthy appetizer, such as a veggie sampler, you can fill your stomach before the main dish. That way, you won’t overeat.

On the flip side, appetizers are addicting. Chips and salsa, mozzarella sticks, fries—all foods you could easily devour without thinking.

Here’s what you can do: use those small plates they give you to portion control. Simple and effective!



So you arrive at the main meal of the evening. Now what to eat…

Here are a few quick tips:Fitbody Bootcamp

  • Order your favorite burger protein-style (on lettuce buns)
  • Swap out the fries for fruit or a baked potato (no sour cream!)
  • Stick with fish, as long as it’s not fried
  • Aim for proteins + veggies (kabobs, skillets, etc.)
  • Be careful with sauces and spreads—a lot of them tack on unneeded calories

There’s plenty more to say, but these tips should help you navigate most menus.



Finally, everyone’s favorite part of dining…dessert!

If you can find a dessert with dark chocolate (healthier than regular chocolate), that’s perfect! If not, try to avoid desserts loaded with carbs.Eat something light and airy, and avoid any excess icing or sugar.

One quick tip: split dessert with someone to cut your servings in half!

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