How To Beat the Breakup Binge and Stay on Track With Your Health

Remember when you were a teenager, and you had your first breakup? It felt like the sky was falling, right? And like you’d never be able to live another day without your boo back in your life?

Well…that feeling is still pretty sucky even as an adult.

Fortunately, you’re older and wiser than you were back then. You know life goes on, and you know that your health and well-being is important for your happiness.

Alas, every breakup you experience is a tough pill to swallow. And we, as humans, tend to go on a bit of an unhealthy spiral when it happens.

Allow us to be the friend who tells you to put down the pint of double fudge ice cream! Today, we’re going to give you some tips on how to beat the breakup binge and stay on track with your health goals.

Keep Exercising

A young woman living a healthy lifestyle running along the beach boardwalk

It’s easy to fall into a routine of laying in bed all day when your emotions are wreaking havoc.

Next time you catch yourself doing this, ask yourself, “Is this benefiting my health?”

Distraction and keeping busy is the best way to work your way out of the breakup slump. And what better way to keep your body busy than with exercise?

As you exercise, your brain is releasing endorphins. These are the “happy chemicals” that trigger a positive mindset and keep you feeling good and motivated.

So keep up with your exercise routine, and even recruit your friends or family to join you for added support!

Better yet, head over to your local Fit Body Boot Camp and sweat out that negative energy! Our coaches and encouraging community will help you achieve your fitness goals and get you feeling good about yourself again!

Toss Out the Junk Food

Alright, its time to open the blinds and emerge from the candy wrappers as a new person!

That means tossing out the junk food, and bringing in your old friends – whole grains, proteins, fruits, and veggies!

Your body is going through enough stress, treat it right with the foods that are going to nourish you and build your strength back up.

In fact, here’s some foods that are great for improving your mood while you’re stressing:

  • Almonds – contain vitamin E and zinc, which are great for boosting your immune system to combat stress
  • Greek yogurt – if the stress is making your tummy churn, greek yogurt’s probiotics will help your digestion stay on track
  • Dark chocolate – not only is dark chocolate the official “serotonin booster” (a.k.a improves your mood), it also lowers stress hormone levels

When you eat the right foods for your body, your overall health improves and puts you in a positive state of being.

Eat With Friends, And Leave the Fries Out of It

A group of three friends share a healthy dinner over conversation and laughs

Isolating yourself could do more harm than good. You should surround yourself with the people who love you to help pull you out of your slump.

Eating is a social activity, and enjoying meals with your friends is a great way to lift your spirits.

Though your friends and family may want to take you out to dinner and order pizza and burgers (oh the comfort food temptation), try having them over to your home instead.

You and your posse can have a fun night in cooking a healthy meal together. This will help you stay on track while spending time with your loved ones, all in one!


Remember, everyone copes with grief differently. Make sure you’re doing what’s best for YOU to stay healthy, happy, and positive!

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