How to Stay Healthy During the Crazy Holiday Season

How does anyone manage to stay healthy during the holidays?

There are gifts to buy, tummies to feed, and family gatherings to attend. Trying to fit in a workout session can feel like squeezing a turkey leg through a hole the size of a thumbtack.

So what’s the secret? How do all those fitness junkies stay cut and lean during December, even after all those carb-heavy holiday meals?

It’s all in the lifestyle!

With a healthy lifestyle, you won’t have to fight those holiday food temptations. You won’t even have to worry about staying fit because it will just come naturally to you.

Ready to lose fat when everyone else gains it back? Try these holiday tips, and stay in the best shape ever!


Do Your Holiday Shopping, Get in Some Holiday Walking!

Holiday shopping will likely eat up a good chunk of your next few weeks. You’re bound to walk a LOT.

So why not turn that into your advantage?

Schedule your holiday shopping in long intervals. Yes, all that walking might sound horrible, but you’ll feel accomplished afterwards. Not only will your to-do list shrink, but you’ll feel the burn in your legs, too!

One great place to shop is the mall. Malls are generally huge and house a ton of stores—perfect for sneaking in a little cardio.

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Take charge of these chores, if for no other reason than to get out and do something. Hanging lights, lifting boxes of decorations, dressing up a Christmas tree with ornaments, and even carrying a Christmas tree all require strength and flexibility. You’ll do well to activate your body—just make sure you don’t go overboard and hurt yourself.

Don’t celebrate the holidays? No problem! You can still decorate your house to make it look flashy and awesome, or you can offer to help your neighbors set up their decorations as an act of goodwill. Either way, you force your body to do more than just sit on the couch all day.


Stick to Your Routine…Then Break It

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Who said you have to be a full-on dietary hermit during the holidays? No thanks, not when there’s so much good food to enjoy…

Make your holiday gatherings your motivation. In fact, use them as your cheat days when you splurge on the fruits of holiday cuisine.

If possible, schedule those “cheat meals” with days in between—your discipline will benefit from it. Instead of pushing yourself for a long period of time, you’ll stick to your routine for a short period of time, then break for a day, then resume again.

Use those cheat days—Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa—as your days to kick back and enjoy some amazing holiday food. Once the next day hits, just jump back on schedule like you never stopped!


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