Motivation Monday: Fight for Someone Else

There’s a simple trick that makes your goals 10x more powerful. Wanna hear it?

Attach your goals to people.

Wait, what now?

Nothing makes you go to greater lengths, give more of yourself, and put it all on the line then when you do something for someone else. That’s why parents love their kids unconditionally, or why teachers spend hours outside of class making sure their students understand class material.

You can use that motivation to lose weight and get in shape. All it takes is a little reframing…


How to Instantly Boost Your Motivation

Again, you have to attach your goals to a person (or persons), because fighting for someone else is the most powerful motivation you can have.

Let’s walk through an example of this…

Say your motivation to lose weight is to move around more freely. Maybe you want to walk around the house with no limits, or perhaps you want to get rid of that nagging leg pain that always slows you down.

Good motivations, sure. But think about this: It’s much easier to let ourselves down than it is to let someone else down.

So instead, make your goal about someone else, someone you really don’t want to disappoint. Here are a few ways you can reframe our example above to motivate yourself even more:

  • “I want to move freely so I can run around with my kids and do the things they want me to do with them.”
  • “If I can move around easily, I can teach my daughter how to swim!”
  • “Moving around freely means my husband and I can finally hike to the top of the mountain where we went on our first date!”Fitbody Bootcamp

As you can tell, each of these goals means something powerful. Do this with all of your goals and they’ll be within reach in no time!


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