How Group Personal Training Can Help With Weight Loss?

If you’re looking to lose weight, doing it alone can be a daunting task. The gym can be hard to navigate, especially by yourself, and while there are benefits to personal training, exercising in a group is a fun and more affordable way to jump-start your fitness goals. In addition, attending group personal training classes creates a welcoming environment to start your weight loss journey. Plus, working out with others is a good way to keep yourself accountable. 

What is a Group Personal Trainer?

Finding a workout that you enjoy is essential for weight loss success. If you start a workout regimen on your own, you could run the risk of injury or burnout from boredom. However, the right training program can help you burn calories, build muscle and gain confidence. A group personal trainer is a skilled fitness professional that can help you reach your goals, correct your form, and offer much-needed motivation.

When attending HIIT—or High-Intensity Interval Training—style workouts, you’ll move between various exercises that are geared towards boosting your metabolism and enjoying calorie-burning benefits long after the class is over. Fit Body Boot Camp’s group personal trainers design each session to engage muscle groups and target all areas of the body in just 30 minutes.

Group Workouts are Empowering

Working out alone can feel overwhelming. Finding the motivation to get your cardio in or navigating the weight room can be intimidating. But group workouts could provide the support you need to get started and stay motivated. One study found that 95% of people who started a workout program with friends completed the program. That’s because community and accountability are crucial to sticking with a workout program and seeing the results you desire. 

People come to group classes with common goals in mind: to lose weight, get in shape and improve their fitness. You can take comfort in the fact that other people are going through similar workouts and taking the same steps to better themselves. 

Your group trainer and classmate will encourage you to do your best, which can be incredibly motivating! Unlike most personal training sessions, Fit Body Boot Camp provides nutrition support for our members. Our complete program helps clients burn calories while dialing in their nutrition. Getting fit and eating healthy with your group will help you stay accountable, show up to class, and stick to your eating plan. When you leave the gym, those friends can also encourage you to make healthy choices after the classes are over. That way, you’ll be inspired to stick to your goals no matter where you are.

You’ll Make New Friends 

Want to find friends with similar fitness goals? Attending group personal training classes is a great way to get in shape, have fun and build healthy habits in the company of others. Often, the same people you see over and over in class become like family. The social aspect of going to the gym is an added perk to the health benefits of regular attendance.

Group Workouts: The Safe Way to Get in Shape

Group workouts give you the attention you need without the hefty price tag of personal training. Fitness coaches, like our Fit Body Boot Camp instructors, are trained to modify an existing workout to fit your needs. FBBC also offers nutrition plans and supplements that complement your weight loss goals. In addition, you can swap recipes with your friends and encourage each other during class.

However, unlike going at your fitness goals alone, you’ll have the expert advice of fitness professionals. Group trainers offer fitness and nutritional support to help you avoid injury and safely reach your weight loss goal. Moreover, they can provide all of this at an affordable price. 

Enjoy Your Progress With Your Community

A weight-loss journey takes time and commitment. When you need extra motivation, your gym friends will be there to push you in the right direction. You can experience growth and success alongside the people you’re also cheering on in their journeys. You’ll support each other through plateaus and celebrate scale and non-scale victories!

Our instructors work with you one-on-one during FBBC sessions to help you get the best results possible. This individualized approach to group training guarantees that you won’t be on your journey alone. 

Attend a Group Personal Training Class

Ready to start your fitness journey in a fun environment? Find a group personal training class near you, and see the Fit Body Boot Camp difference for yourself.

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