How Healthy Are You?

Do you constantly scan health magazines and websites for dieting tips? Do you record those mid-day talk shows that chit chat about whatever “a new research study says…”? Do you spend most of your time on YouTube looking for new exercises, diets, and formulas for shedding fat instantly?

None of that is bad; you SHOULD care about your health. But how do you know how healthy you actually are?

There are so many research studies, so many reports, so many websites, and so many experts spreading fitness and health info that it’s hard to pick out what’s right from what’s wrong. The result? People often follow the wrong diets and the wrong workouts, and they never lose the weight they’re trying to lose…

Before you pick the program to achieve your fitness goals, you first need to assess how healthy you really are, usually with a trained professional. Let’s look at a couple of ways you can determine what level your health and fitness are at.


Get a Physical

Before start working out, you want to make sure your body is good to go.

Stop by your local doctor’s office for a routine checkup—it’s painless and it doesn’t take too long. They’ll make sure your bones and muscles are ready for the strain of working out.Fitbody Bootcamp

One bonus perk of physicals? They might just catch any serious health issues you might not have been aware of previously. Doctors are trained to see the warning signs of diseases like cancer and diabetes, and while a checkup won’t guarantee you catch everything early, it does give you the peace of mind knowing that you’re doing everything you can to stay on top of your health.



Take a Fitness Test

This one requires the help of a licensed trainer…because it isn’t easy determining how fit you are.

Zest for goals and for results often can get in the way of our judgment. In other words, some people want results soo badly that they’re willing to ignore their own injuries, fatigue, and health problems just to work out.

That’s when they get even more injured and set back their progress even further…

An experienced trainer can put you through a series of exercises and stretches to determine your fitness level. They’ll immediately know if someone favors one leg or if they tire easily. That’s not bad, either, because they then can design your workout to match your fitness level.


Check Your Resting Heart Rate

Your heart is the hub of your health…literally. If your heart’s healthy, your body will most likely follow suit.

For instance, your heart rate will tell you a lot about your fitness level. Your heart rate is a gauge for how hard your heart needs to work to pump blood (and oxygen) throughout your body.


If your resting heart rate is low (under 60 beats per minute), you most likely have a strong heart that doesn’t have to work that hard to pump blood. However, if your resting heart rate is already high, you might want to consult a doctor; exercising too hard could put you at risk for heart failure.


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