How Boot Camp Training Can Strengthen your Core without Sit-ups

How to get your core strong without doing a single sit-up

Spend enough time in a gym, and you see them: the common ab-seeker. They work for hours, days, months, and years at getting the perfect abs. You see them doing sit-ups, crunches, and every inverted and weighted version of these exercises without stopping. They sweat, moan, and groan, but their core is never quite what they want.

Ab and core training are a little different here at Fit Body Boot Camp Billings.

Believe it or not most people spend too much time on their core training, but they’re doing all the wrong things in that time. So whether you’re interested in getting that flat tone mid section that the magazines all say is necessary to be hot or you just want to have a more stable core… a good way to begin is by dropping the core-specific exercises and doing things a little bit different.

Set Your Routine Free

In most gyms, there is an incredible amount of equipment. At one end stands the treadmills, sturdy and nestled next to the stair steppers and recumbent bikes. Then taking up the majority of the space is a wide range of exercise equipment. Full of pulleys and levers, these machines aren’t just cold hard steel. We have none of that here at our
boot camp, yet we manage to help our clients get amazing results every time.
Billings Fit Body Boot Camp
Working your entire body is the fastest way to getting a strong core and flat abs. Now in the gym, the way to do it is with free weights. The magic of free weights is that every movement you make with them requires more than one muscle to be used. At least when you use them right. What way is that? By standing up, sitting upright, or lying down. From the bench press to the military press to squats or rows, core stabilization required from free weights gives your core a workout.

Now, here at Billings boot camp we don’t have any free weights, bench presses or squat racks. We’re all about training in a unique way by using battling ropes, dumbbells, suspension straps, smash balls, and weighted sleds. Sounds pretty primal? Yes. Effective? Very.

Think Big.

Want nice abs? Focus on your body’s largest muscles and train your body as a whole. To do this try burprees, wave with battling ropes, body weight squats, pushups, and suspension strap rows. All of these engage the total body including the core and help you burn more calories in the same amount of time. Push yourself hard during your workouts. That makes a world of difference. By doing this, the extra muscle tone you pack on will help the other parts of your body get leaner as well —including your core. If you’re still having trouble thinking BIG, then consider Fit Body Boot Camp Billings, a Billings boot camp where you’ll get expert advice on perfecting your core and gain a huge support system of friends who have similar fitness goals.

On the Ball

Billings Boot CampEverybody remembers the first time trying out an exercise ball. It was kind of fun, kind of awkward, and lasted a kind of short time. Many of the training programs we do incorporate exercises balls in some way to help you with you balance and engage your core more.

But there’s more than just exercise balls for balance… at our boot camp we’ll perform battling rope exercises on one leg to help improve balance. Same with dumbbell work, smash balls and even sliders – anything to work the total body, balance and core.

To the Core.

Your core consists of the muscles located around your trunk and pelvis. Strong core muscles are not only important, but they help tone your abs, improve stability, balance, and posture by making any physical activity you do easier. So stop wasting time in the gym and find yourself Fit Body Boot Camp location near by and lets get your core and entire body in tip top shape.

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