How a Personal Mantra Can Help You Stay Motivated Through Your Workouts

If you find yourself pushing the snooze button more than once in the morning instead of jumping out of bed to get to your workout, you may benefit from a motivating mantra. A positive mantra affirmation may also help motivate you to take that lunchtime walk or get to the gym after a long day at work.

What is a Mantra?

Mantras are short, simple phrases you repeat to yourself to help motivate and inspire you. These phrases can be used to help you focus on your goals as well as a source of encouragement when times get tough.

The idea is that by repeating a phrase, a word, or even a sound, you can calm your mind, refocus on your goals, and remind yourself what you want to accomplish. In addition, reciting a phrase over and over helps internalize the message.

For those of a certain age, mantras may seem unnecessary or even frivolous. Others may view mantras as only something beneficial in yoga or meditation.

The truth is that mantras have a place in many aspects of our lives…including fitness. When you change your way of thinking, you change your behavior.

Why Use Mantras for Workout Motivation?

If you practice meditation, you may already be familiar with using mantras to change your mindset. A mantra can help transform your subconscious negative thoughts into conscious positive thoughts.

There are various reasons why you might want to start using motivational mantras to help you meet your exercise goals.

  • Let’s face it, over time, many of us find it challenging to go to the gym or our exercise classes on a regular basis.
  • Even the most dedicated athletes can struggle with a lack of motivation or confidence from time to time.
  • Every single one of us goes through tough situations where we could use encouragement and a new way to focus on our goals and stay motivated.

How to Create a Workout Mantra

Unsure how to get started? You can develop your mantra in three simple steps.

Identify Your Goal

The first step is choosing one thing you want to accomplish in your fitness journey. Make it something personal, a specific training objective that you can relate to, and make it realistic. For example, if you haven’t been out for a jog in the last two months, the goal of running a marathon next week just isn’t practical.

Put Your Goal Into Words

A mantra should be short enough that you can remember it, usually no more than eight words.

For example, if you’re having trouble beginning a routine, use the mantra, “I know I’ll feel amazing (or accomplished) after this workout!” The gratification that comes after a workout can be one of the best emotions you can experience. In addition, focusing on the end result can be powerful if you need a boost to start your routine or if you need to push through one more set.

Memorize Your Mantra

Recite your mantra several times a day, not just during your training.

Begin with writing your mantra down on paper, saving it as a reminder on your phone, or using it as the background on your laptop.

Mantras are effective even when you don’t say them out loud. The most important thing is to find the best way that works for your lifestyle and stick with it. Take time to read, recite, and use your motivational mantras every day.

Workout Mantras Work!

Your mind is a muscle, so creating and repeating powerful, positive thoughts can get you to your fitness goals faster. In addition, published research confirms that regularly engaging in positive self-talk during your workout allows you to push harder and longer.

No matter what your reason, motivational mantras can be an excellent way to help you achieve success. They can help boost your self-esteem, give you increased energy, and help you stay focused on your goals.

The Bottom Line

Physical and mental health are closely connected. Mantras support you, guide your thoughts, and rewire thought patterns.

At Fit Body Boot Camp, we understand that when your day is busy and your stress is high, it can be easy to talk yourself out of working out. That’s why continuing a fitness program comes down to your mindset.

Undoubtedly, support and encouragement from ourselves and others help us train and move more. When people we trust believe in our ability to be active, we are also more likely to believe it.

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