Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Skip Leg Day

You’ve heard the phrase, “don’t skip leg day!” Maybe a friend says it to you, or you see that one fitness guru down the street say it on Facebook.

But, why is leg day so important?

Let’s get it out there. No, you should definitely not skip leg day. Legs get you where you want to go, they support you in every task you complete throughout the day. It’s extremely important to keep your legs strong if you want to live a healthy and pain-free life.

Here are some reasons why strong legs are important:

Helps With Athletics

In Fit Body Boot Camp trainers see all kinds of people at different levels of fitness, and all of them have different goals for themselves. Athletes, and even former professional athletes, are among these people. They can tell you that if you want to be a great athlete, leg day is an important day.

Having strong leg muscles will give you more power behind your actions, and learning different workouts, like lunges and squats, improves your range of motion as well. A strong lower body is a strong base to improving your athletics, whether professional or just a game of basketball with the neighbors.

Less Chance for Injuries

fitness, sport, training, gym and lifestyle concept - group of smiling people working out with barbells in the gymcorrectly, and that can lead to some big, painful issues, like ACL tears. You don’t want to be taken out of commission for months trying to recover, so keeping your legs in shape will help prevent major injuries.

And, besides preventing injuries, lower body strength can help you recover from injuries more quickly. Granted, you still need to be careful and only do the workouts that are approved by your physical therapist, but not doing anything could end up hurting you even more.

Back injuries are another thing you want to avoid, and guess what? Leg muscles, working with abdominal muscles, will keep your back strong and steady and even relieve pain you may be feeling from sitting at a desk all day.

Burn More Calories

Did you know that your young athletic woman doing exercises for buttocksBuilding muscle is a great way to burn calories, which is why we focus on challenging afterburn workouts. We know that muscle burns fat, so Fit Body Boot Camp has created the best workout possible to achieve this goal.

More Control of Body

Another great positive about not skipping leg day is that you’ll have more control of your body overall. Think of your legs as the roots of the tree, your roots need to be strong, otherwise you’re going to get knocked over easily. Your leg muscles give you balance in everyday tasks.

Legs get you from place to place every day, and you need to treat them right, otherwise you’re going to have a harder time doing the things you love. Don’t skip leg day, your legs will thank you.

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