3 Quick Dumbbell Exercises Your Arms Will LOVE

Dumb it down!

Not literally. I’m talking dumbbells here!

Dumbbell exercises are popular in most gyms. Why? They’re reliable, they’re safe, and they’re effective in building arm muscle. Plus, you can use them practically anywhere!

Not sure what you should be doing with those dumbbells? Then read this! We’ve listed 3 of our favorite dumbbell exercises that you can try from home right now!


Dumbbell Punches

Hold one dumbbell in each hand. Punch straight forward with one arm. As you punch, pronate your hand. Pull your arm back, then switch arms. You can punch a heavy bag if that helps you aim your punches.


L RaisesFitbody Bootcamp

Hold one dumbbell on your side and the other in front of your quad. Lift the one on your side straight out and the one in front of you straight out. Do a set, then switch arm positions.


Dumbell Curls

This one’s a classic! Hold both dumbbells in front of your quads with your palms facing upwards. Curl one arm, keeping the elbow locked as you do so. Lower that arm, then curl the other arm.


Note: Use dumbbells that you can’t lift with ease, yet aren’t too heavy!


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