Five Reasons Why Bodyweight Workouts Kick Butt – How boot camp helps you to achieve maximum results with just your body weight

Getting healthy and fit doesn’t have to be brain surgery, but learning how and why bodyweight exercises work can help you to reach your fat loss goals as well as tone and tighten your body. Here are five reasons why the Monrovia boot camp believes bodyweight exercises are essential and should be considered when trying to get fit.

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1. Efficiency – Unless you’re a professional bodybuilder or a Mr. Universe contestant, your hours long workouts are officially over. By utilizing multiple bodyweight exercises you can burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. Boot camps work to maximize just 30 minutes of exercising, but yield massive results with a combination of bodyweight exercises, suspension training, and pairing bodyweight routines with kettlebells and dumbbells to build muscle strength. Because there’s minimal equipment involved in a boot camp setting there is an easy transition between exercise stations and shorter rest times in between, which burns serious calories.

If you often find yourself pressed for time, but need to work on cardio and strength in one session then that’s possible with bodyweight exercises. Quick bodyweight exercises like burpees and jumping jacks coupled with strength training will keep the heart pumping, the blood flowing, and your energy level high while still encouraging muscle development.

2. Everyone can do it – There’s something for everyone when it comes to bodyweight training. With so many different modifications you can do to bodyweight exercises, anyone from any fitness level can achieve a safe and effective workout. You could perform the exercises super slow for new or older folks, or easily add more reps for those who are more advanced. It’s also really easy to intensify your workouts because bodyweight exercises offer lots of different ways to add a little more to each workout.

If you ask someone who doesn’t workout just why they don’t workout, you’d find the top answers being “I don’t have the time” or “it’s not convenient for me.” Bodyweight exercises practically eliminate that obstacle because just one 30 minute visit to a boot camp includes every exercise you need to stay fit. Not to mention how refreshing bodyweight exercises are compared to being stuck in a big box gym on a bench press all day. Everyone can do bodyweight exercises, but not everyone can bench press or spend hours at a gym.

3. Stronger Core – Your core is much more than just your abdominals. In fact, there are at least 29 muscles that make up the core and even the simplest bodyweight exercise can be used to engage most or all of those muscles. The bodyweight exercises incorporated at the boot camp in Monrovia work to improve your core’s strength for better posture and balance, not to mention improve your athletic performance, especially if you’re new to fitness. Increasing your flexibility is easy to accomplish with bodyweight exercises because they involve movements that go through a full range of motion that help your joints move more freely and improve posture.

4. Prevents Injury – Injury is easily one of the biggest reasons that a person gives up on working out. That’s why prevention should be a huge priority when working to get fit. Bodyweight exercises are great because they are generally much safer for anyone of any fitness level or age. Also, most bodyweight exercises can be modified so that those who have significant impairments can workout, or be used in combination with physical therapy to help rehabilitate those who need it.

Boot Camp in Monrovia5. Fun Fitness that Drives Results – Since bodyweight exercises are a huge component of fitness boot camps, joining one can provide multiple benefits, but the most important is that it’s fun! If you’re in a routine that you love, then you are way more likely to keep up with your fitness. That’s what fitness boot camps strive to do with their workouts, create a fun place where people can achieve real results.

There are way more reasons why bodyweight workouts are awesome for everybody, but don’t just take my word for it, join a boot camp and find out for yourself.

This blog was submitted by the Monrovia Personal Trainer from Fit Body Boot Camp Monrovia

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