Fit Body’s Fitness and Health FAQ (Part 2)

We’re back with part 2 of our FAQ series!

If you missed the first part of our FAQ, you’re going to want to check out Fitbody Bootcamp

Fit Body Boot Camp provides a simple structure that allows you to work at your own pace. Most of our workouts are based on time, not repetitions, so you won’t feel obligated to go faster or slower than the rest of the crew.

Our coaches ensure that every client stays up to speed with each workout. They will do their best to make sure you see results with their programs.

“How do I know this gym isn’t a scam?”

I’m glad you have your guard up. With so many gyms open in the world, you never know who really cares about getting their clients in shape.

Read reviews online. Do your research on the gym. Talk to their management in person. When you do your homework, you decrease the chances of joining a gym that isn’t all it’s made out to be.

Here at Fit Body, we take pride in our core values. We aspire to inspire happiness, stay driven, take ownership, be decisive, instill confidence, be humble, drive change, cultivate culture, exceed expectations, and communicate openly. Our owners are thoroughly vetted before they get their hands on the keys to a fit body—and that’s all because we want YOU to have the best experience possible with us.Fitbody Bootcamp

“How do I know what type of workout is good for me?”

You know, that’s a great question. From at home ab-toners to cross training (and everything in between), it’s easy to get tripped up when it comes to finding the right exercise.

First, you should know yourself. What kinds of exercises do you enjoy the most? Do you feel more comfortable with a personal trainer or in a group setting? How much do you need to be pushed to reach your maximum fitness potential?

Our gyms aren’t for everyone, especially those who prefer the attention of a single coach. What Fit Body does offer is a safe, uplifting, motivating environment to work out in. You’ll master living healthy with an A+ team of comrades and coaches. How could say no to that?

“Alright. There are a bunch of boot camps out there. Why Fit Body?”

Boot camps? Most people think of a stern drill sergeant barking orders at soldiers crawling through the mud. However, that’s about the exact opposite of what most fitness boot camps (including ours) actually look like.

I’ve already mentioned how awesome fitness boot camps can be for most people, but why should you trust Fit Body over the rest of the field?

Our boot camp sessions only take up 30 minutes of your time. You get an amazing calorie burn (called our Afterburn effect) in the same span of time it takes to watch a morning cartoon or cook a simple meal.

Some people enjoy the informality of the gym. You can work out undisturbed and leave on your own accord.

Most people need more accountability than that, though. At Fit Body, each member is part of the Fit Body Family. Our coaches not only invest in your fitness life, but they care for you on a deeper, personal level. We don’t just produce results; we change lives each and every day.

“I HATE cardio!”

It’s time to talk about cardio, the part of working out most people fear the most.

I want to let you know that cardio is essential to burning calories and staying fit. There are two misconceptions people have about this, though: they think cardio is both boring and the only factor in losing weight.Fitbody Bootcamp

Here’s what we can offer you. We focus a lot on building strength, the other essential half of the fitness formula. Strength training is less taxing on your stamina and will sculpt your muscles (and your physique).

We do mix in cardio, but we try and make it as fun and diverse as possible. Burpees, mountain climbers—you name it, we help you shred the fat without spending half your workout on a treadmill.

Hope you got a lot out of this FAQ! Visit our official website for more about what we have to offer you at our locations worldwide!

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