Fit Body’s Fitness & Health FAQ (Part 1)

“I really want to work out, but…”

[Fill in the blank]

I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase from someone you know. Maybe it was that co-worker who made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, but has only been to the gym three times all year. It could be your spouse that’s had the same fitness goals for years, yet has done little to get in shape.

Truth is, most people are woefully under-resourced and uninformed when they first start their journey to getting fit. They poke around the Internet, scour for whatever fitness tips and advice they can find, then hit the gym and try what they found online.

Not surprisingly, this rarely works; most people work out too little or too much, choose the wrong workouts, and have no accountability to keep them exercising for the long haul. If someone has an upset stomach, he or she doesn’t just run to the drug store, file into the antacid aisle, and pick the bottle that looks the prettiest.

Of course, there’s a dead-end for the uninformed gym-aspirer. These non-equipped workout hopefuls end up getting none of their goals accomplished because they don’t have the information they need to start.

BUT that’s why we here at Fit Body are here to help! This blog will go through a few of those common questions new fitness-goers have when it comes to working out. Hopefully we’ll bring you the answers you need to jump straight into a healthier lifestyle!


“What if there isn’t a gym near my house?”

Hey, no one said the gym was the only place you could ever work out at. There are plenty of exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home – from jumping jacks to push-ups!

Still, the gym is the most effective way to get in a great workout. You can always find a gym that’s near the errands you normally run. For instance, maybe the station you get your car washed at is across town. While you’re in the area, why not stop by a nearby gym for a quick session?

Here’s something awesome: Fit Body Boot Camp is one of the world’s fastest growing fitness chains. We have a new location sprouting up on the map almost daily! Check out the map on our website — you’ll probably find a Fit Body near you!


“But gyms are overcrowded and impersonal…”

We here you loud and clear. It can be intimidating walking into a gym filled with confusing equipment, a lack of open machines, and no space. Some gyms even have a “dog-eat-dog” vibe, where everyone sizes each other up to see who can “really” lift…

For some pFitbody Bootcampeople, that’s the motivation they need to get fit. But we here at Fit Body know that most people prefer to be pushed in a supportive, communal atmosphere.

That’s why we design our classes and workouts with YOU in mind. Our coaches give personal attention and care to each member they train. They’ll walk you through each workout, making sure your form is correct, but they’ll still push you to reach your potential.

Our facilities also only feature necessary equipment (battle ropes, dumbbells, resistance bands, etc.), so they have plenty of space for you to work out without feeling claustrophobic.


“Whenever I start working out, I always end up falling off the wagon”

This happens to EVERYONE. Working out consistently can be hard without the proper framework in place.

The trick to keeping a fitness routine is to maintain strong motivation. That includes external (from other people and sources) motivation, along with internal (your own) motivation.

Fit Body Boot Camp knows how much of a struggle it can be to get yourself to exercise regularly. That’s why our Fit Body Family encourages you AND keeps you accountable, even outside of working out.

Our coaches will keep the workouts fresh so you don’t get bored of the same format. We also have Facebook groups for each of our locations. This is where our members bond outside the gym and keep each other accountable for missing class or eating poorly.

Our focus is on pursuing personal fitness goals as a team. You’ll never want to miss a session with your Fit Body Family!


“I barely have time to drop my kids off at practice, grab groceries, and clean the house. How can I make room for working out every week?”

Time is of the essence. Everyone is pulled in different directions with different obligations to attend to.

Again, a few light workouts at home are better than nothing. But, you can’t expect to see massive amounts of change by trying to squeeze in a quick pull-up set every now and then.

That’s why Fit Body Boot Camp is so awesome! Our workouts are only 30 minutes long, meaning you have the rest of the day available for yourself. We push our clients to the limits they’re comfortable with, so that they can achieve Afterburn. Afterburn is when the body continues to burn calories long after you complete a workout.

With this combination, you are sure to make strides towards your fitness goals without investing hours and hours at the gym.


“What about my diet? Isn’t that important, too?”

We definitely agree. Without a proper diet, there is no way to see results.

Fitbody BootcampThere are some small steps you can make right now to improve your diet immediately. You can up your protein intake, cut carbs, stop drinking soda, and avoid those bad fats.

But, if you want to maximize your gains outside of the gym, you’ll need a plan tailored to your individual fitness needs and goals. That’s why our Fit Body locations introduce you to nutritional specialists, who will craft a meal plan designed specifically to help you get toned, cut weight, build muscle, or whatever else you want to accomplish with us!

That kind of care is normally expensive and hard to find, but with us it’s included as part of the Fit Body experience!


Stay tuned for part 2 of this FAQ coming soon!

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