Fitness and Social Media: Breaking Unrealistic Expectations

It’s pretty safe to say we’re all connected to social media today. 

We use it to keep up with family members we don’t see often, find new recipes and meal prep ideas to cook for the week, and lean on it for inspiration when we need a bit of motivation.

While we can use social media for good, following fitness influencers can sometimes be discouraging. They all seem to have perfect bodies and fitness hacks that will make you “look like them,” but many don’t reveal the effort it took for them to reach where they are now.

If you’ve gone down the fitness influencer rabbit hole and want some encouragement, stick around! 

In this post, we’re revealing fitness myths to help you overcome unrealistic expectations set by social media.

Myth #1: Fat Loss Is Quick and Easy

Some fitness content creators advertise that you only need to perform one or two exercises for a few reps to burn belly fat, gain muscle, and improve your overall health. But fitness doesn’t work that way.

At Fit Body Boot Camp, we advertise effective fat loss, but we don’t hide the fact that it’s hard work.

When you join our group programs, you will push your limits and learn that you need more than exercise to achieve your goals. We will work with you to coach you on nutrition and help you stick to a proven plan.

Myth #2: You’ll Look Like an Influencer if You Follow Their Lead

When you see a fitness influencer working out on Instagram, it’s hard to ignore that they have zero body fat, exceptional muscle tone, and the ability to hold a conversation during a hard workout.

It’s best to keep a couple of things in mind before you start thinking you’ll look exactly like them:

  1. Exercise is their job. They spend much of their day working out for aesthetics, tracking food intake, and creating content. 
  2. They have great genetics. The six-pack you see on most fitness content creators isn’t only because of their workout — many are genetically predisposed to have those visible muscles.

Don’t get discouraged when you work out and eat right without looking like the people you see on social media. Instead, focus on setting goals that push your limits and drive you to become the best version of YOU possible.

Myth #3: Fitness Content Creators Are Always In Optimal Shape

One thing the fitness industry and social media influencers try to hide is that they aren’t always as fit as they appear on the screen.

Many fitness models and influencers follow highly restrictive diets, including extended fasts and decreased caloric intake, before a photo or video shoot to appear more muscular. They also use the best lighting and angles to show off their physique.

If you see an influencer and think, there’s no way they actually look like that, you’re probably right, and you shouldn’t try to hold yourself to that standard — it doesn’t exist.

Myth #4: You Can Keep Up With An Influencer’s Workout Routine

This myth points back to the fact that exercise is a job for fitness content creators. Many workout routines that hit social media seem easy for the people doing them. That’s because they are easy for someone who works out more than most. 

That doesn’t mean those routines will be easy for you. 

The next time you see a fitness trend online, try to look at it through a realistic lens. If it’s outside your current fitness level, don’t let it bother you if you can’t achieve it right now. 

You’re at a different point in your fitness journey than they are, and that’s okay!

Myth #5: All Fitness Content Creators Have a Negative Message

Our first four myths revealed some of the common negative aspects of fitness social media channels, but let’s take a second to look at the positives.

Fantastic fitness influencers are out there — you just have to find the right ones!

Look for people who encourage their followers to set realistic fitness goals, highlight body positivity, and ground the lessons they teach in science. When you find the right people to motivate you, you may achieve more than you thought possible on your fitness journey.

We’re Here to Be a Positive Influence at Fit Body Boot Camp

Sometimes, the fitness world seems to thrive on pushing products that lower self-image, but we’re not about that at Fit Body Boot Camp.

The half-hour group workout sessions and nutrition counseling are designed to build your physical and mental strength, push you to achieve your fitness goals, and help you feel good about yourself. 

Our fitness coaches and participants pride themselves on creating a positive atmosphere that encourages you to be your best every time you step through the door.

Stop by a location near you to learn why Fit Body Boot Camp workouts are ‘The Best 30 Minutes of Your Day!’

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