How You’ll Get Amazing Results with Fit Body Boot Camp

There are dozens of systems that allow Fit Body Boot Camp to produce remarkable results for our clients. Everything from our workouts to our coaching and nutritional consultations— it’s so much more than any ordinary gym membership.

But there’s one key element we work exceptionally hard to provide and it really makes all the difference between the big box gym and the Fit Body Boot Camp atmosphere.

Post 21We call it Accountability and it’s something you really can’t find on your own.

The kind of accountability we offer can’t exist without a group atmosphere and the support that comes from our training systems.

It’s true, some people hold themselves accountable to eat right and exercise, and we think that’s awesome, but that isn’t really what we’re talking about.

We help ordinary people, people who hate the gym and aren’t exercise junkies. People who understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle but find it difficult to adhere to one.

We completely understand how that kind of person feels and that’s why we work so hard to help them get the same kinds of results any gym junkie would envy.

So what is Accountability? Or at least, what does it mean to us?

It’s an entire system—a whole process we’ve perfected—that keeps you exercising, eating right, and getting the results you want. We’re here to do whatever it takes to make sure you get results, and that means we’ve got to help you deal with anything that might stop that from happening.

Look, odds are, if you’ve bought a membership to Boot Camp you’ve probably already tried a tradition gym membership. And what happened when you had a membership? Probably a whole lot of nothing.

Post 43Having a gym membership (or should we say, paying for a gym membership) means very little. It’s all about how often you use it— access gets you nothing without use. But if you aren’t accustomed to going to the gym every day, if you aren’t used to eating the right kinds of foods, then it’s going to be incredibly difficult to transform your lifestyle.

(And if you are having a hard time with this, please, take it from us, you don’t need to feel bad about it. This is really difficult! If it wasn’t companies like ours wouldn’t even need to exist. Everyone would just figure it out for themselves.)

So our accountability systems help you fight all of that aversion that comes with transforming your life and your body. When you wake up and don’t feel like heading over to Boot Camp, we’re here to make sure you change your mind. When you’re about to order the double bacon cheeseburger, we remind you to get the vegetable platter instead.

How do we do it?

Well, when you don’t show up to Boot Camp we’re going to give you a call and find out what’s happening. When you aren’t dropping the pounds like we planned, we’re going to ask what’s going on and find out why.

We don’t let up and we don’t give you a break. We ask the difficult questions and we can’t worry about hurting your feelings.

Not because we’re trying to guilt you into losing weight or make you feel bad, we just want to do the job you’ve hired us to perform. And that means we’ve got to hold you accountable.

Post 39Eventually, what most of our clients come to realize, is that they don’t want to disappoint their Boot Camp trainer. They want to make us happy and excited for them and they hate to see us dissatisfied with their effort or habits. So they work really hard to make sure we approve of their results.

And that’s how our accountability will help you lose weight, because you’ll know there is a whole team of people who care enough about your wellbeing to be disappointed if anything goes wrong.


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