What Fit Body Is Thankful For…

Ok, this post’s a little different…

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we here at Fit Body Boot Camp wanted to step back and tell our readers what we are thankful for. Any chance we get to express our gratitude to our loyal members and family, we take it.

Let me start off with a “thank you” to you, my friend…

I’m thankful that you chose to look into this health and fitness blog. You just took one giant step closer to the fit new “you” that you’re dying to become. You are that much closer to joining our team, where we’ll do everything in our power to make you happy and healthy.

Here are a couple more “thank you’s” that we’d like to share with our Fit Body Family…


To Our Members,

You are the reason behind the Fit Body Boot Camp franchise.Fitbody Bootcamp

When Bedros Keuilian founded the franchise in 2011, he had one goal in mind: help the world embrace a healthy and fit lifestyle. 6 years later, we’re well on our way to achieving that goal.

Everything we do is for our members. Whether we partner up with a new equipment brand, raise the standards for the buildout of our locations, or structure the policies that our owners must follow, we always keep YOU in mind first. We never lose sight of our mission to deliver a premium fitness experience to each one of our clients.

We try our best to make sure every Fit Body location welcomes you with open arms. There’s nothing like the proven workouts we offer and the groundbreaking support you get from our coaches!


To Our Coaches/Staff,

You are the fire that fuels the Fit Body flame.

It takes a special person to take a vision, especially one as ambitious as ours, and translate that into results for our members time and time again. Without you, we’d be left without much of a product and a bunch of underwhelmed clients.

Appreciate these men and women. They dedicate their lives to help you change yours. Our owners only want the best coaches with the best attitudes to execute our franchise’s vision. We are so lucky to have each of you on board, and never think that your work is in vain or goes unnoticed!


To Our Owners,

Fitbody BootcampYou are the engine that motors our franchise to new heights.

Every one of our locations needs the right person in charge, someone with a real passion for fitness and the savvy to learn business. Above all, they must share our desire for inspiring change through our Unstoppable Fitness Formula. This is why we take so much time to get to know our prospective owners before we decide whether they are a good fit for our franchise; again, our aim is to turn every Fit Body into the results-driven fitness spot that people in town trust.

Without your initiative, the people in your area would have to wait even longer for the fitness programs they deserve. Your boldness alone gives hope to those people who are down and out, who gave up on fitness long ago and need another reason to believe in it again.

We only bring on owners with both the drive and capability to change lives through fitness. When someone joins Fit Body Boot Camp, they can have the confidence that they’re in good hands.


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