Operation Get Fit: My Final Week of 30 Day Boot Camp Challenge! Did it Work?!

First of all, I want to thank all of you who have read my posts and stayed on this “get fit” journey with me.

Maybe you even silently cheered me on, and for that I am so grateful.

I’ve come to the end of this 30 day challenge, and it’s been quite a whirlwind.

I’ve laughed, I’ve struggled, I’ve almost tackled someone for a single french fry…

But most importantly, I’ve come out of this challenge feeling empowered, motivated, inspired, and optimistic about what’s to come.

The Final Countdown

The last week of this challenge, I pushed myself to the max.

I wanted to finish this thing with a bang – so I ate super clean (okay I had two pieces of chocolate, but at least it was dark chocolate), pushed through my workouts, and drank water like a camel.

And once it was time to hit my final session, I crushed it like a boss. Sure, I still had to stop to catch my breath, but I felt so much stronger than I did in the beginning. I felt like a new person!

What’s Next?

I’ll be honest, my results weren’t as dramatic as others I’ve seen. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from this challenge it’s this: every body is different.

Everyone’s results are different, because no two bodies are the same. There were some days where I’d look at other women’s transformations and I wondered why I didn’t look like them.

I would beat myself up, and start to think “you’re just not trying hard enough.”

Fitbody Bootcamp

Funny thing is, everyone else around me did see a difference. My friends and family were telling me my legs look more toned, my stomach is flatter, and my arms have some definition.

That’s when I took another look at myself in the mirror, and realized they’re right.

Now that this challenge is over, I’m more motivated than ever to keep going. If I’m already feeling this amazing right now, I can only imagine how amazing I’ll feel and look by summer.

My Parting Thoughts

For anyone who is going through their own transformation right now, I just want to say you are beautiful. You are strong for taking control of your health. And you will reach your goals as long as you stick with it and don’t give up.  ❤

FBBC has impacted my life in the best way possible, and I would highly recommend anyone at any fitness level to give it a try.

The love and support you feel when you walk through the doors is infectious. And the way you feel after every session is unbeatable.

I wish you success on your fitness journey. You got this!

Peace, love, and burpees!!!

Stay tuned for a full video following my journey! If you’re ready to get in shape and get the body you’ve always wanted, click here and sign up for your first 3 FREE sessions!

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