Fitness Fashion (How Should I Dress for Boot Camp?)

So you’re ready to try out your first ever boot camp…

You looked up what workouts to expect, you found a Fit Body Boot Camp in your area, and you wrote down all the fitness goals you want to hit within the next six months.

But there’s still one more important question to ask: What should you wear to boot camp?

I figured that a few of our readers might not know how to dress to impress AND to work out at the same time. So today I’m channeling my inner fashionista to bring you the go-to dress tips for your next boot camp session.


Thrown on a comfy shirt

Boot camp workouts will have you on the floor, hanging from resistance bands, stretching, and lifting dumbbells or kettlebells.

You need to wear clothing that won’t restrict your movement!Fitbody Bootcamp

Shirts that are sleeveless are great to wear because your arms have free-range to move as they wish. Need to do some push ups? Ready to crawl with a medicine ball rolling at your feet? No problem!

If you wear a shirt with sleeves, make sure those sleeves aren’t too tight on your arms! If you can’t lift your arms above your head, it might be a sign that you need to change your attire.


What about the pants?

You’ll want to make sure your pants are stretchy around the waist and legs. This will help you squat, shuffle, and do burpees with no discomfort.

Basketball shorts and yoga pants both offer that leg flexibility that will lead you to crush your workouts.

You also want to make sure you can adequately stretch your legs. Stiff, tight legs are primed for injury.


What shoes to wear…

You need the right pair of kicks to properly work out!

Poor footwear is one of the most common causes of foot injuries. Broken ankles, sore shins, busted knees—it’s safe to say that the wrong shoes can lead to some serious leg issues.Fitbody Bootcamp

Athletic shoes (preferably running or tennis shoes) that have strong traction are perfect for boot camp! Instead of slipping and sliding, you’ll be pivoting and moving with ease on our secure blue flooring.

Make sure your shoes fit comfortably, you don’t have a lot of room in the toe area, and they’re light enough to move around and exercise properly.

Any other tips?

Now I know being comfortable and flexible is really important to you. Still, I’m sure you also want to look good while you work out, right?

Not to worry! Here are a few quick ways you can spice up your fitness style game:

  • Headbands and sweatbands. They make you look legit AND they keep that salty sweat out of your eyes.
  • Yes, you can wear the brightest of colors to boot camp. Rummage through your closet for that pair of yoga pants you thought were a bit too flashy to wear.
  • Tall socks might look stylish, but they also can give you some ankle support. You might want to invest in a good pair!
  • Pretty self-explanatory, but try not to wear jewelry or bracelets while you work out. They might look nice, but you run the risk of catching your fingers in them.

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