Dressing for Success in Your Fitness Journey

The fitness fashion world is a massive industry — Americans spent $62.4 billion on sports and fitness clothing in 2022 — and it’s growing.

Fitness fashion is everywhere, from Lululemon to Fabletics to hundreds of other workout clothing brands. With so many options out there, you have to ask yourself, “Which one should I choose?”, or “Do I need ‘workout clothes’ at all?”

We’re glad you asked.

Why Should You Wear Workout Clothes?

Everyone knows that you can exercise while wearing just about anything. Your clothes aren’t what actually gets you moving, after all.

There are some benefits to spending a bit on clothing designed for movement. A few of our top reasons for purchasing and having a workout-specific wardrobe include the following:

Wearing Athletic Clothing Can Get You in the Right Mindset

Have you ever worn a pair of running shoes and thought, I feel like exercising today! We definitely have.

Psychology plays a vital role in getting the most out of your exercises, and what you wear can get you in the mood to work out before you even make it to the gym.

Buying and designating “gym only” clothes will prepare you for exercise when you wear those clothes.

Workout Clothes Are Designed for Movement

The next time you’re at your favorite clothing store, take a second to compare the brand’s activewear against everyday clothes (if they have both).

You’ll probably notice some differences right away.

Purpose-built workout clothes tend to have more stretch, lighter fabric, and seem “smoother” overall. That’s because companies design their training-focused clothing lines to move with you.

This increased stretch and comfort will help you achieve a full range of motion and keep you from feeling restricted while working out.

Different Apparel Is Designed for Different Types of Exercise

When it comes to dressing for exercise success, it’s important to have clothing designed for the type of workout you want to do.

For example, a super-squishy running shoe may be great for running a 5k, but you might need a more stable platform for lifting a lot of weight. A light, loose-fitting top may work well to wick away sweat during cardio sessions, but it will fall into your face mid-downward dog.

Our Favorite Workout Clothes for Women

Staying cool, comfortable, and confident is key to enjoying your exercise — especially during our 30-minute boot camp classes.

You need workout clothes that will move with you and breathe well during dynamic strength training moves. Keeping your body type in mind is also a must.

The Best Women’s Tops for Dynamic Workouts

Lululemon is one of the most popular workout brands on the market, and their Swiftly tech line is a go-to if you’re looking for a breathable tank top that moves with you during workouts.

They designed their Swiftly tanks with all women in mind, with sizes from 0 to 20 available, and the cut is fitted but not form-fitting to keep the tank out of the way without it clinging to you.

If you’re more confident exercising in a tee, Under Armour has your back. Their UA Tech Twist t-shirts have a natural-feeling, breathable tech fabric that will keep you cool during any workout. They also have a loose fit and are available in sizes XS to XXL.

The Best Workout Shorts and Leggings for Women

There are a ton of shorts and legging options out there, and it’s almost impossible to narrow the choices down. But we found that the internet loves these affordable Colorfulkoala leggings.

These full-length leggings are a fantastic alternative to higher-priced brands. The buttery-soft material also offers the perfect balance of comfort and support.

If you want a comfortable pair of shorts designed to handle any workout, Lululemon’s Wunder line has an ultra-breathable, sweat-wicking material and unique internal drawstring to keep them in place. You can also choose between a 2” – 8” inseam to find the perfect length for you.

Our Favorite Workout Clothes for Men

Unsurprisingly, our favorite workout shirt for men also comes from Under Armour. The men’s Tech 2.0 short-sleeve shirt features the same fabric as their women’s tee, and its loose fit is perfect for all types of exercise.

As far as shorts go, some of the best workout shorts available for men right now are the Ten Thousand Interval Shorts. These shorts come with a supportive, moisture-wicking liner and are available in five-, seven-, and nine-inch inseams.

Choose What Works Best for You!

When you wear workout clothes that make you feel confident and ready to take on your next trip to the gym, you’ll enjoy exercising that much more. Just try out a few options to find what works best for you!

Speaking of fun workouts, Fit Body Boot Camp has you covered. Our positive community and dedicated fitness coaches create the best environment to support your fitness journey.

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