Don’t Be Hatin’!

Hate to exercise? What will it take to change your mind?

Those who prefer equate exercise with torture aren’t alone. Just look around. If everyone loved to exercise there’d be a lot fewer overweight people and heart disease wouldn’t be a leading cause of death. There are numerous reasons people dislike exercise. People fear the unknown. They’re too busy or too lazy. They want quick, easy results. They find it boring. And some don’t have a support system to keep them moving forward when they feel like giving up. The physical and psychological benefits of exercise obviously haven’t become real to those who hate working out.

Is there anything that can motivate a person who hates to exercise to start moving and keep going forward? West Fort Worth Fit Body Boot Camp suggests thattt may take a fresh approach to an old subject. Here are a few ideas.

Enjoy What You’re Doing

You may hate running, playing competitive sports, or being seen at the gym. That’s fine. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing you’ll likely give up. The key to a successful exercise routine is finding something you enjoy doing. This may take time or creativity.

Is reading your hobby? Read a good book while you pedal your stationary bike. Want to spend more quality time with your spouse? Sign up for a dance class. Need to unwind with your kids after dinner? Play a Wii sports game together. Don’t want to miss your favorite television show? Lift free weights while you watch. These are just a few ideas to get you thinking. Combine something you enjoy with exercise and it won’t be such a chore. Get creative and try new things. You may even start looking forward to exercise.

Find a Partner

Accountability can be a powerful motivator when it comes to exercise. So can the enjoyment of spending time with a friend. Social people, especially, may learn to enjoy and commit to exercise when it’s done with a partner or team.

Make plans to exercise with someone you like being with. Go for an early morning jog, spot each other as you lift weights, or join another fitness activity together. For a social butterfly, this may be just what is needed to commit to regular exercise.

Challenge Yourself

Exercise can become boring and monotonous if you do the same thing every time with no goal in mind. What do you hope to accomplish with exercise? Whether you’re shooting for weight loss, lowered blood sugar, stress relief, or running a 5K, write down your goals and the time frame you hope to reach them. Then chart your progress. A personal trainer in West Forth Worth believes that you should keep an exercise journal to track your workouts, weight, measurements, BMI, and your feelings toward exercise.

Competitive, goal-oriented people can benefit from this approach to exercise. When you see your goals becoming a reality, you may actually start to look forward to exercise.

It’s All About Rewards

You may come to tolerate or even enjoy exercise if you experience the rewards it offers. Giving up after only a few workout sessions will leave you with sore muscles and a negative view of exercise. But sticking with your routine will lead to fitness rewards that make you keep coming back day after day, year after year.

Besides physical rewards, exercise comes with personal rewards: a goal accomplished, a new identity, the satisfaction of knowing you’re taking care of your body. If physical and personal rewards aren’t enough, West Forth Worth fitness center encourages their members to reward themselves in some other way. Stick to your routine for a month and buy yourself new workout clothes. Two months, and you get new shoes. Reach your weight loss goal, and throw yourself a party. When you realize the many rewards of exercise, you may never go back to a fitness-free lifestyle.

I hate exercise.”—Bridget Fonda

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