How to Live “Beyond the Scale”

We have all been fooled.

Fitness articles, magazines, and experts all tell us the same thing: when it comes to fitness, the scale is the ultimate judge.

You finish a grueling workout. What’s the first thing you want to do? Hop on the scale.

You eat clean for a few days straight. Where do you go? Right back to the scale.

But does that scale really determine our happiness?


Listen, that scale doesn’t define YOU. Your goals and dreams are much more important than that number that pops up. But when people only focus on their weight, they forget why they really wanted to get fit in the first place.

No one loses weight just to lose weight. That’d be silly! Some people do it to spend more time with their kids, others want to feel like they did in high school, and some just want to avoid dying at an early age.

Every workout is another step towards your goals. Every healthy meal brings you closer to getting the body of your dreams.Fitbody Bootcamp

So after you work out and eat right for a few months, step away from the scale and ask yourself, “Do I feel better?”

That’s all that matters.


If you’re really serious about living “beyond the scale,” then I have just the thing for you. Our newest podcast, “Beyond the Scale”, dives further into this topic (with special guests). The show is set to release soon. Follow us on Facebook for all the latest updates!

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